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  1. Hafpint75

    Wines by the Glass Choices on NCL Escape?

    Oh, I forgot to add that NCL charges a 15% gratuity to each of its wine packages. In other words, a corkage fee.
  2. Hafpint75

    Wines by the Glass Choices on NCL Escape?

    Yes. Overpriced. I'm doing better bringing my own and paying the ridiculous $15 corkage fee. I just looked up, as an example, some of the "Enthusiast" offerings. NCL is charging $88; I can buy that for $37.50. Yes, if I paid four corkage fees, I'd be paying more, but for grocery store wine. The same goes for the pricier offerings by NCL. No, from what I've seen, I'd rather spend my money on good wine. In fact, if I brought a bottle of Veuve Cliquot (which I'm not, because it's overpriced for what it is) and paid the corkage fee, I'd be spending less than buying it from the cruise line. And if I bought wines by the glass, the discrepancy would be even greater. UBP makes sense for cruisers who value quantity over quality, but we're not of that ilk.
  3. Hafpint75

    Wines by the Glass Choices on NCL Escape?

    I saw that. Mediocre. But then, NCL is probably assuming most cruisers want the UBP and therefore are opting for quantity of alcohol. No matter; I'm bringing my own from Totalwines.com, and will supplement with the occasional glass of the ship's Cava, which is good. Of course the Veuve Cliquot aboard ship is good - but NCL has it ridiculously overpriced. I expect some upcharging, but this is our first cruise on NCL (previously we were on RCCL and Celebrity), and find the pricing rather surprising.
  4. Hafpint75

    Is the Cellars Wine Bar included in UBP?

    Didn't see photos of wines.
  5. Hafpint75

    Wines by the Glass Choices on NCL Escape?

    Not my question. My question was what wines were available.
  6. Hafpint75

    Wines by the Glass Choices on NCL Escape?

    Yeah, I’ve seen that. I don’t know where he got his “80s” ratings for the wines, but I think the choices are overpriced and mediocre, based on the selections out of that group I’ve tasted before. Certainly beer and whiskey drinkers have some excellent choices (although those are overpriced too. Neither RCCL nor Celebrity charge such premiums).
  7. Hello Fellow NCL Escape Cruisers. My husband and I will be aboard the Escape in November. I've tried to research the wines that will be aboard the Escape. Except for a dreary list of about 8 to 12 mediocre wines posted by a blogger in 2015, I've had no luck. I think said list was of the offerings contained in the UBP. I saw a YouTube of The Cellars Wine Bar, but the blogger spent most of the 3.5 minutes of his video showing the furniture, and scrolled through the tablet menu offerings far too quickly to be able to identify most of them, or which were "by the glass" choices. Has anyone a wine list more current than 2015? As it stands, without more info, I'll probably be bringing several bottles of wine and paying the $15 per bottle corkage fee, rather than pay $10 for a glass of plonk where the bottle's only worth $9.:rolleyes:
  8. Hafpint75

    2016 Norwegian Drink and Cocktail Prices

    I've scoured CC and cruise blogger sites to find an up-to-date NCL wine list. The only one I've seen is dated 2015. Frankly, it's depressing. Does anyone know whether the Cellars offers more than eight (mediocre) whites and eight (mediocre) reds by the glass? As it is, I've bought a good bottle of St Emilien, and will buy a good Champagne to bring on the cruise. Even with the exorbitant $15 corkage fee per bottle, both will be cheaper (and better) than the offerings I've seen. Yes, I saw that Escape carries Veuve Cliquot, but the widow is way overpriced on board!
  9. Hafpint75

    Is the Cellars Wine Bar included in UBP?

    Does the wine bar offer wines from vintners other than the Mondavi family?
  10. Hafpint75

    Snorkeling at Great Stirrup Cay

    Any 2017 snorkelers to GSC? How was it? What are the best places to snorkel (or is GSC a "don't bother")? I'm on the NCL Escape at the beginning of November, and debating whether to dig through the attic to find my old dive bcd, and to buy a new mask (the old one had a prescription ground into it that I no longer use).
  11. Good for NCL, to try to help the Caribbean. After all, this cruise line (and all others that ply these waters) make money using these islands as venues for sun-seeking tourists.
  12. Hafpint75

    Escape - Live 7/22

  13. Hafpint75

    Escape - Live 7/22

    Gosh, what a complete summary of your Escape cruise. Thanks for posting! Only two sites I didn't see were the Cellars wine bar and the Ice Bar. Well, I'll be researching those when we cruise on Escape in November. :cool: