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  1. I'm the one who asked if you can carry on a cruise ship. I didn't ask because I want to carry on a cruise ship. I don't even have my CHL which should be obvious with the lack of knowledge I have on the subject. I just asked because when I read the thread, that is the first thing I thought - I wonder if people do carry on the cruise? I am a first time cruiser coming up in June and know nothing about cruising so it was an innocent question of just wondering if others do carry. Thanks to the person who gave me a straight answer. I appreciate it!
  2. First time cruiser here. I heard through a friend that you can just find another couple in line and share the package with them and then share in the cost. Anyone done that or know anything about that?
  3. My husband and I booked this for our cruise when we stop in Nassau. We booked it through Carnival. Anyone have any info about it, reviews, recommendations, tips? https://www.carnival.com/shore-excursions/nassau-the-bahamas/dolphins-ray-sea-lions-and-beach-day-adventure-424178?b=39675075734B4B73374C6F6B65362B67425A515657773D3D Thanks!
  4. Help! So I wanted to order the gift cards using my point but I just found out all about this on Friday and our cruise balance is due on April 8th which is one week from now. Even though I am an Allstate customer, I do not see the option to purchase the e Gift Cards and I don't think that if I get them mailed to me by ordering today that they will be here in time. Anyone have any advice? I would hate to order them and then our deadline of April 8th comes and the cards aren't here and we can't use them. That would be a waste. Sounds like I am out of luck? Any advice is appreciated......
  5. Are Guy's ,Blue Iguana, and the pasta bar an extra charge? What does a typical meal for 2 cost at one of the speciality dining places? I assume that we have to go to specialott dining to have a romantic dinner for two for our anniversary since the MDR is seating with others? Do we need to make reservations ahead of time for speciality restaurants?
  6. OK - I got it to work and was able to go through the last few pages of this thread and rack up 35,000 points in a matter of 5 minutes! Thanks so much, everyone! Just saved $160 on the balance due on my cruise!
  7. If I am already an allstate customer with an allstate login on their regular site, does that same login work for rewards or do I have to make a new login? I am confused and trying to login with my regular account and it keeps directing me away from the rewards page and back to the regular account page.
  8. Thank you schazzy. Is having food like breakfast delivered to your room an additional charge? And all this talk about main dining times - what about breakfast and lunch? You just go at anytime? This is all so confusing. I am reading as much as I can from all the forums and learning so much!
  9. First time cruiser. My husband and I are headed out on Carnival Liberty in June. I keep hearing about theme nights or dress code and I am not sure where to find this information? Is there a place that I should be looking for theme nights or dress code? We are on a 3 night cruise to the Bahamas with 1 port of call (Nassau). Is there a dress code on the ship - say like to go into the casino or to a show?
  10. I have a lot of food questions. I am a newbie here and going with my husband on our first cruise in June (Carnival Liberty) for our wedding anniversary. We are scheduled for "early dining" which I guess means 6pm in the dining room? Here are my questions: 1) Does Carnival have an "anytime dining"? 2) If we don't want to dine in the main dining, what are the other choices included in our cruise price (I know you can do speciality dining that you pay for)? 3) If we are scheduled for main dining at 6pm but miss it, do we just not get dinner? 4) Can we eat from the buffet at any time, even if we are scheduled for main dining? 5) Do you have to dress up to go to main dining? What is the dress code for that?
  11. We are porting in Nassau overnight in June on our cruise. I have heard that Nassau has a high crime rate. What does everyone suggest to do overnight in Nassau? Better to just head back to the ship when it gets dark? We are first time cruisers - my spouse and I only.
  12. Has anyone done this excursion? I booked it through carnival for Nassau? We are first time cruisers and it was pricey (like $250/person). Reviews?
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