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  1. Good point, thanks, but I meant something branded like Head & Shoulders, which I believe they sell on board.
  2. Hi On the off chance anyone is reading this on an RC cruise right now, can you give me specific examples of how much some "essentials" are in the on-board store, like shampoo, toothpaste, Advil etc. I know they are going to be obviously higher than on land but just wanted an example of by how much. Thanks
  3. Sorry, to add to my original post; I meant does anyone have actual examples of being gouged on board - how much for toothpaste etc and which line?
  4. Hi This might sound like an odd question but has anyone ever had to buy "essentials" (shampoo, toothpaste, Aspirin) on board only to find they have had a crazy mark-up? I'm not going to name the line but I had that experience recently and just wondered if it was widespread. I thought they might have misprinted the price label but they hadn't. I totally appreciate there is going to be some mark up on a cruise ship, of course, but this was nuts. Thanks
  5. Hi Just so I can work out how much I'd have to drink to make a drinks package worthwhile, (I'm not a big drinker) can someone tell me the price for a Coke, a glass or red wine and a beer on any Celebrity ship in the Caribbean. (And I know there are different prices for different types of wine and beer of course, so just what the lowest prices would be for a small glass of wine/bottle of beer.) I can find drinks package prices on their website but I can't find this information. Thanks
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