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  1. Sorry that this happened to you. Yet to figure it out and dont let it ruin your trip. Shame on Costa for brushing you off to your TA. Good luck!
  2. I think Paraboy and I settled it and didn't need anyone's two cents. I am clearly aware and agree that this is an evolving, live discussion. If you have read this thread in its entirety, Paraboy corrected a few members for not sticking to the topic and was cause for my comment to him when he did the same. Paraboy agreed and we are way past it. Let's move on.
  3. Thanks much appreciated. Just had to put that out there. Good luck!
  4. I am feeling a little righteous that this thread is off topic given the comments that have been posted previously. I understood a post can get hijacked based on questions that emerge as a thread evolved, why couldnt you Paraboy to the extent that other posters felt they had to apologize? Enough said!
  5. Are you saying they cancelled sailings to that point?
  6. No. Assuming they contacted you, what changes are we talking?
  7. Similar to what has been mentioned, you can do your own thing with some research. What ports are you going to again? I can give info on the ports I am familiar with on things to do. As for the teenagers, I have two, 57+ aged men I am traveling with that are more like teenagers, especially with the potty training. Who knows what they will deem as an appropriate location and self-sufficiency is questionable.
  8. Like has been mentioned, another way to go is do it on your own and do the research. What ports are you going to again? I will be more than happy to help with the ports I am familiar with.
  9. I, too, am sailing on Costa for the first time and am equally nervous. What the worst thing that can happen?
  10. I am not staying in Civitavecchia this time and will be spending two days in Trastevere after my 4 days of fun at Carnivale in Venice. I didnt check the distance to Monaco, as I have been already but good info for anyone else reading. Some of the food tours allow you to select what you want to eat. I have done all of the sites in Rome, but our friends haven't so we will do them again. I am a bit concerned about doing Cinque Terre in February and am crossing my fingers that we have good weather during our trip.
  11. looks wonderful...please be sure to look for my post on the thread you created.
  12. If this is your first time in Venice, I hope you love it like I do. It is one of my favorite places in the world!! I will be there for Carnivale before the CC cruise in February 2020. As for being disorganized, I know the feeling as I usually research until my brain hurts but no longer have the head for it.
  13. Thanks for the info, but I could not find the facebook group. I will look for your thread here. Not proficient with Cruise Critic, as I only come on this site when cruising.
  14. Are you saying you posted a general information thread? If so, thanks.
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