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  1. Anyone else having website problems with NCL? Can't log in and I keep getting error messages. (of course!!)
  2. Last September we took the public ferry from the Dockyard to St. George's and then walked to Tobacco Bay. It was beautiful, and wasn't that crowded - plus it had a little cafe and bar as well as a public bathroom so you could change. We'll be going to Bermuda again next October (2020) and are planning a full day at Tobacco Bay.
  3. I've done this, but through our TA. I look a couple of times a week (long commute on public transportation, so I need something to do 😊), and if there's a price drop, I just email the TA.
  4. We were in Bermuda this past fall and took two cruises on Restless Native (one snorkeling and one sunset). Highly recommend them!
  5. I can't speak to departing from NYC, but we have cruised out of Boston 2x and loved it. We live about 30min south of Boston, so we had family/friends drop us off and pick us up. Getting in was easy and relaxing - we could sleep late and not stress about about having to catch a flight/train, and it was nice to know that once we got off the ship, we would be home soon (provided 128S wasn't backed up with an accident!). Depending on where you live, you can also take public transportation in to the Seaport. The Red Line will take you to South Station where you can then hop on the Silver Line.
  6. We will be heading to Bermuda on the Gem in October 2020, but I like looking at things and daydreaming/planning in advance. I've been looking for Gem menus, but haven't really seen anything that was recent. Has anyone been on Gem recently that happened to take pics of the specialty restaurant menus? Or are the menus from other ships fairly close to what will be on the Gem? This is our second time on NCL, but I'm really considering it our first as our "real" first time was with family and I did no research prior whatsoever! 😉 Many thanks!!
  7. Thank you, Cardex! I'm off to take advantage of the reduced deposits!!
  8. Cardex - we are looking to book a cruise on the Gem for next fall and I was thinking of selecting 10168. Any leanings one way or another on the room?
  9. It was working when we were on last week. They wouldn't always leave it on - usually just when it started to get "busy".
  10. Ship - Serenade of the Seas Deck - 9 Stateroom # - 9256 Stateroom Category – Oversized Balcony Starboard or Port Side - Port Quiet Stateroom? (With comments on problems) – Very quiet. Only occasionally heard noise from the Windjammer. Was stateroom a connecting stateroom? - No Balcony View - Give comments on view, noting if location of any obstructions was an issue. Oh. Oh wow. Cannot say enough about the view. Unbelieveably gorgeous. The sunrises and sunsets were phenomenal. Balcony Size? Normal or oversized for class? - Oversized. Had two lounge chairs, plus two regular chairs and small table. During sailaway, we had six adults on the balcony with plenty of room for all. Was wind a problem? - Not really. There were windier days, but I think any balcony would be getting that wind due to the weather. If an aft cabin, was soot a problem? - No soot at all. Any specific problems with this cabin? - I can't think of a single thing wrong with this cabin. The only real minor annoyance was that the sliding glass door wouldn't stay shut unless you locked it. So if you were out on the balcony, the door would slide open and closed with the waves. Any other comments? - This was our second cruise and our first balcony, so I think it has ruined us for any other room. I only want this room moving forward!! lol
  11. We just got off the Serenade on Sunday and really enjoyed our trip. Our favorite bar to hit was the Schooner and Randy was the bartender. Incredibly friendly and personable... we got our first drink from him and kept going back because of how great he was. Cafe Latte-tudes on Deck 5 is where you get your specialty coffee from. For quiet time, we would use the Safari Club on Deck 6 (just beyond the Schooner Bar) for gaming and whatnot. You can also sit outside of the Windjammer on Deck 11, or in Vortex. For specialty dining, Chops was our FNDR location, and while it was good, we ended up waiting over an hour after receiving our appetizers to get our entrees. They apparently ran out of steaks and had to go to the butcher room to get more? Still was good, though. We also ate at Giovanni's for my husband's birthday, and we all thought it was the best by far.
  12. It was a cluster on Sunday. We showed up at the theater around 7:40 as well, and when we saw that people were being told to leave their luggage in the hall and form a line, we said "nope!". Went outside on the deck (port side) and enjoyed the sunshine for a bit - even took a deck chair down to catch up on emails :-) Once the line started at a pace that was slightly more than glacial, we got back in line, and that still took about 30-35min.
  13. Thank you both for the info and suggestions. I'll probably just grab some the night before and store it in our room!
  14. Good morning! We will be sailing on Serenade in just over a week (yay!), and I was curious as to what time the bars open on the ship. Sometimes while on vacation, we like to have a little Baileys with our coffee in the morning, and I wasn't sure if that would be possible. Many thanks!
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