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  1. It tastes like instant ice tea or tea that has been sitting around for a long time. I tried it twice and no more after that. If your daughter likes tea I would suggest making a strong cup of hot tea (maybe use 2 or 3 tea bags) let it cool then pour it over ice. To be fair I tend to be picky about my tea.
  2. Island would need to have an outstanding itinerary before we would consider it again. The theatre is too small with the added cabins and the wait for YTD was reflective of the additional passengers. We really enjoyed the Royal.
  3. We had a concierge balcony on Summit in April, there were no footstools on our balcony.
  4. Windstar with 148 passengers in Tahiti and the Society Islands. It was a beautiful ship and cruise.
  5. They had a rice pudding that was delicious, something similar to a chocolate mousse, sorbet, and brownies. I know there was more just having trouble remembering the specifics. One thing is certain I had dessert every night!
  6. I have good experiences with Princess and Celebrity. Each night in the dining room I would receive a menu for the following evening. My order was taken and adjustments were made to accommodate my dietary restrictions. In my opinion Celebrity had a better selection of lactose free deserts. My experience with NCL was not good, the server seemed to be annoyed.
  7. I recently returned from a Celebrity cruise and also have dietary restrictions. I am lactose intolerant. There was a "special" desert every night not on the menu. During the week long cruise I had a vegan rice pudding, different flavors of sorbet and frozen yogurt, and brownies. I hope this helps.
  8. Recently returned from a 15 night Panama Canal Cruise on Princess. We disembarked Dec 20th. There were maybe 10 kids onboard. We try to time our cruises for minimal kids. It was a great cruise
  9. We keep our medications in original containers, except for the OTC things like fish oil or vitamins. We also each have a word document we keep updated on our computers so we can easily print it out and take it with us. It contains a list of all medications, and surgeries. We had an incident a few years ago when I keep passing out when I stood up, DH called for help and when the paramedics arrived they asked about my medications. He did not know what I was taking, fortunately I was tell them after some IV fluids. We each keep a copy of our list on our frig so it is handy in an emergency.
  10. Belgian chocolates from St. Thomas or vanilla from Cozumel. I used to buy cute little t-shirts with animals or fish on them for my grandson, he is now 21 so I no longer do that.
  11. We were able to take advantage of one of the exciting deals about 18 months ago. The cruise was scheduled for 5 days after my retirement date and DH was already retired. We got a 4 night Silhouette cruise in a balcony guarantee for less than $300 each. Since we live in Florida we drove to the port. The timing and price was too good to pass up. Still checking the email each week hoping for another good deal.
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