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  1. Apparently I am an anomaly with dining.


    I was using the Medallion App to select our time in the Main Dining Room.  My husband and I prefer to dine with other fellow cruisers.  It's just fun to meet new people and compare our adventures.


    Unfortunately, the app will only seat us for a table for 2.   There were no other options.  


    I called a representative last night and she too logged into the app and discovered the same problem.  She said that people have been complaining that they want a table for two and don't want to eat with others.

  2. I just read a Fantastic Review about the dining experience on the Edge.  I was literally salivating at the pictures.


    However, the ship looks massive to me, so I am opting for a smaller ship experience with great dining.


    Is the dining experience (presentation, taste and service) consistent on Celebrity Ships?


    I know, I know, "With Covid, all bets are questionable....."


    I just want a bit more "bang" for my buck and a special cruising experience.

  3. 45 minutes ago, edinburgher said:

    We love HAL and sailed several of their ships. As others have already said, food, staff etc are usually great, and we especially like the options for scenic sailing as we have usually found vantage points without any difficulty.  And they also sometimes open up outdoor viewing spaces and bring round hot soup  or hot chocolate, but they are definitely quieter in the late evenings.


    Much will depend on your itinerary.and if it is port intensive or not.


    As an example, a Med cruise with ports for further away destinations such a Rome, Florence, Seville and others  could have these on consecutive days and they are long days with early starts..(10 or 11 hour touring is not uncommon).Shorex and DIY touring when the distance from the port can be around 2 hours each way, with sightseeing time in addition often means that folks are tired after a few of these days and perhaps have another long one the following day, so they are more likely to have a few earlier bedtimes than threy would usually want.


    So, depending on your itinerary I would give HAL another chance.

     You are right about the wonderful and port intensive itineraries.  Although the small ship we were on was just a 5 night Caribbean and still 10pm turn ins resulting in quiet ship - We may give it another shot with different expectations.  Thanks

  4. Thanks to Everyone!


    I also researched some videos on YouTube about Holland.  Great reviews on itinerary and ships but all stated the same about a bit more "traditional" "sedentary" cruise vibe.   


    Recommendations also led to Celebrity.


    Food, service and entertainment makes me lean towards Celebrity and yes, I LOVE the Martini Bar!!


    If you look at my cruise history, you will see we primarily cruise Celebrity and Royal.

  5. 16 hours ago, Roz said:


    I can't imagine everyone in their cabin by 10 pm on a NYE's cruise, but I'll take your word for it.

    Well, my husband and I were on a NYE cruise.  Yes, aside from NYE, all other nights we had the ship to ourselves after 10pm.  Great way to meet the staff and bartenders but no social life.  

  6. I have only sailed on Holland America one time - a short New Year's Eve Caribbean cruise.


    It was a smaller ship and I was disappointed with the lack of activities and everyone turned into their staterooms by 10pm.


    I would like to give Holland another chance.   What ship would you recommend?  My husband and I are early 60's, love the night life and martini bars, good entertainment and music.



  7. On 7/17/2021 at 1:10 PM, MorganClark said:


    Thanks for that. I could've swore I read 5 days or less before arriving in the Bahamas. You just confirmed I was right! (I'm not going bat s__ t crazy). Even with this small "speed bump", it was no biggie. They just send you to another room and give you a rapid antigen test. They e-mail the result. I had my result on my phone in about 15 min.


    For me, I arrived 4 days before the cruise day, so I arrived on 7/13. My pcr test date was 7/9, which is within the 5 day window. However, as I quickly found out (the speed bump), it has to be 5 days or less from sail date (7/17), so it would have to be a pcr test date of 7/12 or closer to 7/17 (sail date). Since my pcr date was 7/9, it was out of date and not close enough to sail date. But, as I said, it was a small "speed bump". All good now, I'm onboard at the Duck & Dog pub with a cold Blue Moon in front of me; 




    Sounds to me like the Bahamas is making quite the financial killing! 

  8. 5 minutes ago, skynight said:

    Looks like your cruise is scheduled for December 2022. You have time.

    Download the medallion class app.

    Review it. It requires that you complete certain immigration and credit card information.

    Every time you complete a section it will show a green check mark.

    Once all the sections are green you are ready to go.

    Luggage tags are still printed from the cruise personlizer which is a computer based, not app based program.

    If you are in the U.S. then you can select to have the medallion, a cruise card replacement which is roughly the size of a quarter sent to your home before the cruise. There is no charge for this and it comes with a lanyard. Be careful there are options to purchase other jewelry items to hold the medallion. My advice is don't purchase these in the app. They are available on board if you think you would like one. 

    Thank you.  This is very helpful!

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  9. Ya know, I was just asking for help in a very nice way.


    I hope you are not a representation of a Princess Cruiser b/c that's really disappointing.


    Yes, I have fingers and a computer so I can use half my brain to figure this out.   Just thought a nice person could point out some tips or how to avoid problems.


    Have a great day!

  10. I am new to Princess.


    I understand I have to download the Medallion App on my phone.


    How does this all work?    I read I will receive a Medallion?   I have no idea......


    Any help would be much appreciated - Thanks

  11. On 1/12/2021 at 7:18 PM, mchell810 said:


    The Vatican (and most churches in Italy) require knees and shoulders to be covered.  Temps should be in the 80s so light capri pants should work; I did Rome in August heat and that worked out well.

    Wear Cargo Pants.  Light and zip off legs.

  12. 3 minutes ago, ace2542 said:

    You misread what I wrote. I am not going to take the vaccine until taking it puts me outside of the timeline for full vaccination so therefore I will be able to cancel my upcoming trip and say I have not been offered vaccine till right now must have fell through the cracks. It will take 15 weeks to full protection on the UK vaccine rollout. If that 15 week period falls after the start of the cruise I won't be able to go 😮😈

    My apologies, I just reread your post.    Dismiss my judgement  🙂

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  13. 5 minutes ago, ONECRUISER said:

    That came up few days ago on different threads...  We'll see...

    I think it's a great idea to get around the CDC.    The CDC is killing the cruise industry but at the same time we can board a plane with 200 passengers like sardines and it's all good.   Hmmmm...

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  14. 4 minutes ago, ace2542 said:

    I am sure in Egypt and other places they have tried this signing something already but the ambulance chasers find a way around it. Besides what is to stop people from lying about having the vaccine. I intend to lie about not being offered on time it so that I cancel my upcoming trip btw. Unless as you say some sanity resumes.

    No one will be able to lie about the vaccine because some form of documentation will have to be presented.  I assume a vaccination card.   This approach is too obvious.  Secondly, why would you lie about being vaccinated?  Wow.  I'm all against over mask wearing but intelligent enough to know the  health security of a vaccination.   I hope you rethink your strategy for the protection of your fellow passengers. 

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  15. 52 minutes ago, ace2542 said:

    Maybe that the business can't operate and ceases is the idea. And what about avoid lawsuits for catching Covid on a cruise ship or scam lawsuit for catching Covid? Surely masks will be the only way to prevent this or greatly reduce this risk?

    If cruise lines require that all passengers are vaccinated, why would masks be mandated?  I could see those with pre-existing conditions would be "advised" to wear a mask.  If the passenger signs this agreement, they cannot sue the cruise line for getting sick.    

    The "Cruise Experience" is taking on a whole new meaning.    I canceled all my cruises until some sanity resumes.

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  16. 3 hours ago, Mariketa said:

    I think that will mean cruising within the United States (or leaving from or coming to) will become a thing of the past. If enough people won’t cruise without masks, but the CDC says you have to wear them in a cruise ship, that business model can’t operate. The idea that people will spend that money and wear masks just doesn’t work. You can’t tell people where to spend their money or how to spend their vacations. They’ll find things to do that better suit their needs.

    Royal Caribbean is getting smart.  Home port option in Cozumel!   https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Royal+Caribbean+Cozumel+home+port

  17. I totally have lost my cruisin vibe.


    I see no end to this hysteria and I see no solution.  


    Let's face it, you get the vaccine, you follow protocol, YOU ARE HUMAN, you WILL get sick.  Nothing is guaranteed against GETTING SICK. Once you get sick, it is reported. OMG!  "We have a COVID CASE ON BOARD!"  Everything gets shut down again.  


    Unless cruise lines build SMALLER ships with LESS passengers to LESSEN the statistics of someone getting sick, cruising as we know it is OVER. 


    Face the reality, IT IS OVER.   Why?  Because we live in a pandemic of hysteria and fear.


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  18. 1 hour ago, GA Dave said:

    The sentence I highlighted above can be said of almost any human endeavor.  Getting into an automobile carries a pretty high risk with it no matter how good a driver you are, only because there are so many other drivers that may not be good.  Going out to eat at any restaurant carries risk of food poisoning, crossing a busy street carries risk of being run over.  We mitigate risks via things like the testing they are trying.  Is it 100%?  No, but nothing in life is.

    Very good points - I agree.


    I guess I was making the point as you said, nothing is 100%.  As I said in another post, this is to pacify the CDC so they can sail again.    I did lose my original train of thought.......which I didn't come out saying, "Herd Immunity".    What I observe with the frantic media is the "Today, we have 1,000 more COVID Positives".   Are they symptomatic or asymptomatic?  Those numbers make a big difference.  Are we heading towards Herd Immunity?   People keep freaking out over the media reports but the media is not specific.    "Joe S, 85 who has a critical health history of pulmonary disease, contracted COVID and died today" or "Jane, 35 who has been battling CF awaiting a lung transplant contracted COVID died today" or "Isaac, 2 weeks old, preemie and jaundice contracted COVID died today".


    Yes, the more we are now getting out and about, yes, we will be either asymptomatic (not forever but we aren't with the flu either) or symptomatic and heal or die.   "Survival of the Fittest" is alive and well.    Herd Immunity is starting to become prevalent as past viruses historically have documented. 

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