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  1. Jim , This is Eaches and I wanted to Thank You for the almost daily info you submitted! We thought of completing the WC circle but decided to visit family and do the Rocky Mountaineer and two weeks in Hawaii instead. Nancy and I are doing a Viking River Cruise this next summer/fall Amsterdam to Budapest. We yearn to go back to VO but we have done most of the areas covered by VO. We are doing a week on a canal barge in 2021 for something different. Again it’s always wonderful to hear and see your Travel photos. Hope to run into you once again - somewhere in this world 🌎
  2. We did their (Viking’s) WC and loved it . All I can say is, unless you are a cloth horse the storage on the ship works OK . We didn’t pack any folding boxes or over the door shoe bags . Just remember to put your extras back in your suitcase under your bed . The 1st cruise included free clothes washing , which is not currently available on subsequent WC .That was a big help , but the passengers abused it , like the medical service , so it’s also not available or pay as you go . My wife and I are doing the World Treasures Cruise (127 Days) next fall and we learned that you pick your outfits and pack only these items. Start with New items because by the time you get home, you will be so tired of seeing these items and you’ll throw them out . The laundry is not kind on your clothes so don’t pack items that won’t stand up to this abuse. We actually only packed Warm Weather clothes on the 1st WC which made it easier. Remember Cambodia and Egypt the temps where extremely Hot almost unbearable (Cambodia-February early March and Egypt was in April ). Just try and not go overboard. Remember what you take, you have to take home! I know one thing , I’m thinking of leaving my heavy 35mm camera and lens home . Almost never used them . I took my I phone everywhere and loved the photos it took . Enjoy your trip - Viking does it well and I know now that I have to loose 20+ lbs before our cruise just to stay even . Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  3. I guess you get what you paid for ! You can dress up a pig but it’s still a —. Sorry you had such a poor cruise Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. Well I’ll try to answer your questions : My answers are based on a 141 day WC taken last year 1. Most every night there was entertainment and MOST shows where quite good . As a note, we didn’t book the WC for the nightly entertainment , we booked it for the daily experiences we experienced. 2.Yes it different and not all shows where on the main stage . You have to remember that we where in most cases 1/2 the world away from where we started. Most of the entertainers came from the States and England 3.NONE ! Thank you Very Much and No Art Auctions -Nor photographers taking your pictures ! THAT WAS LIBERATING! To say the least. . 4. Only a few and they where optional but fun. The celebrations involved many of the very hard working crew members as they left us for well earned vacations. The one celebration that I remember well was when we crossed the equator and we all had to kiss the fish and jump into the pool to become shell backs ! Something I never thought I’d do at the age of 70. In addition , they gave us an official cruise certification of being a shell back. Just a lot of Fun-Even the Captain went along and participated in the celebration minus the grog we had to sample . 5.Not going to answer that stupid question. REALLY -you rate,a cruise on how many comedy shows you get to see. You need to learn how to entertain yourself and not wait for others to do it for you. 6. NO FORMAL NIGHTS IN 141 night . What a breath of FRESH AIR. Sports jacket and tie is about all I can muster! Plus my wife doesn’t want to PUT THE DOG ON either . At my age who am I trying to impress.? 7. 60 plus countries, if you go on a Good Cruise line they Will arrange for visas and entry information and have the additional costs worked into the price. Start out with a BRAND NEW PASSPORT. If you are going on a TRUE World Cruise you don’t NEED to count the pages on the NEW PASSPORT, the visa service will inform you if you don’t have enough . 8. First of all ,it’s none of your business what I or anyone else pays for something is their business not yours. If you need to ask what something costs ,maybe you can’t afford it. That’s what my DAD TOLD ME! Find a GOOD HONEST HARDWORKING TRAVEL AGENT . Plan and worK with that person and only with that person. They will work their tails off for you ! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  5. That would be great. Thanks Sent from my iPad using Forums
  6. Yes, we will be there ! My Best Half had her knee replaced after the 1st WC and all is good . Now all I have to do is loose the weight from the last WC before starting out on the next . We are looking forward to seeing the Rest of the World! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  7. We are booked for next year’s London to LA cruise (121 days) . That will make it a complete WC for us . We will then focus on the STATES . We’ve been to the West Coast of Canada and but gave up on Tokyo to Vancouver VO Cruise due to time . We did photo books on our WC - almost too many ports to cover ! b Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  8. The Best - No Problems - No Lugging! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  9. Just take a business card with you and solve the issue ! It’s worked on all our VO Cruises including the WC . Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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