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  1. Thank you for posting this. 3 Azamara trips (the last a very special one to Cuba almost exactly 2 years ago) and we have never gotten an Azamara newsletter or email. But we don't get Celebrity or RCL either and have many more trips on those two lines! Thank goodness for CC....
  2. On our trip on Millenium in Alaska, Aug 2019, the elevator up to the Retreat had been broken for months, so the winding outdoor long stairway was the only option. Since this was in Alaska, it was quite windy and cold and a difficult climb for many, so the Retreat area was rarely used. The windbreaks up there make photography very difficult and in scenic Alaska, this was a real problem. This has been reported as a common occurrence on several of the M class ships in particular since the refurbs.
  3. We have used Bonaire Vista tours twice in the last 5 years or so. Once we traveled alone as a couple and once as a group of 8. Great guides, excellent service, and yes, a booth along the pier. Owners are a married couple with a young family, Barbel and Brian. Can highly recommend them. https://www.bonairevistatours.com/
  4. Loved our 16007 location early this year, but agree that a similar one on Starboard would have been better for Ocean Cay at night. We booked early, but none were left when we tried. They go quite quickly.
  5. Yes, ours was due Oct 6th for early Jan 2021. Enjoy your trip. It is nice have something planned....
  6. I just did a Life and Shift today on our Connie Tampa trip from Jan 2021 to Jan 2022. Was able to keep the onboard pricing and perks we had, which was very good compared to a regular price for that trip in a Sky. Took a bit of work, as there was an issue with the first printout not matching what was said on the phone, but it was corrected quickly when I called back. Wait times were minimal. Our final was due in 3 weeks for Jan 2021 and we did not wish to make a final pay at this point. In some ways we will be happy for the Connie to not have been redone...we were not very pleased wit
  7. Yes, we did. We wanted a stopover for a few days family visit in Minneapolis between Portland and central Florida on the way home. Very different atmosphere on this size ship, of course, but the HOHO buses worked great, staff was friendly and efficient, and we loved our quiet third floor balcony. That said, walls are very thin, rooms tiny, but well-equipped. We loved having our own metal water-bottle to refill each day from the dispensers at the elevators on each floor...use them everyday here at home. Food menus not as extensive nor as flexible as on ocean cruises, but plentiful and
  8. We did this trip last June in the reverse order. Had a wonderful time.
  9. Several of our first cruises were also on HAL in the 1980s with skeet shooting off the back of the ship. We were in our mid 30s then, and my husband, who had not shot skeet since his Eagle scout days, once beat out a young mid-20s Marine on his honeymoon. The new wife and I were in hysterics on the overlooking deck! My husband still mentions it once in a while. 😊 Fond memories...and I remember the passenger lists as well.
  10. We were on Deck 16 in YC on Meraviglia this past February. The entire YC is behind controlled-access doors on all floors, and all floors had elevator access within the YC. I too have knee issues and always use the elevators. The YC elevators were fast and easy to use. Service was very good, it was our first intro to MSC, and we had a wonderful time. We would have liked a bit more covered seating at the pool deck buffet, but would certainly repeat this experience.
  11. We have not received any of these latest emails from Azamara, tho we are Discoverer and just sailed on Pursuit last year. I gather lots of others are not receiving these lately either.
  12. Looking online, Dublin announced a while back that it is scaling back their cruise ship portages starting next year. It seems that their cargo business has boomed and that they are scaling back the cruises for that reason. The article I just read said that while the cruise lines, specifically Celebrity, were very unhappy about this change, the city agrees with this plan. The article further noted that the beginning and ending of cruises in Dublin would be most affected, and mostly only day visits allowed. This info may explain why the changes are coming. Dublin is one of our favorit
  13. Agree our Mera cruise in Feb was clean and very well done.
  14. No problems in YC last week on Mera!
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