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  1. Yes, we did. We wanted a stopover for a few days family visit in Minneapolis between Portland and central Florida on the way home. Very different atmosphere on this size ship, of course, but the HOHO buses worked great, staff was friendly and efficient, and we loved our quiet third floor balcony. That said, walls are very thin, rooms tiny, but well-equipped. We loved having our own metal water-bottle to refill each day from the dispensers at the elevators on each floor...use them everyday here at home. Food menus not as extensive nor as flexible as on ocean cruises, but plentiful and very American. HOHO tour guides very knowledgeable and helpful. Any specialty tours we added were worth the money. We too had to cancel our RCL 50th anniversary cruise with family for June...total bummer..we only got credit as a choice, and even tho we paid for all down payments (as we were treating for the rooms), they got the credit for their rooms, not us. Getting 12 people's schedules organized for a trip was hard...thank goodness we cancelled just before final payment for all was due.
  2. We did this trip last June in the reverse order. Had a wonderful time.
  3. Several of our first cruises were also on HAL in the 1980s with skeet shooting off the back of the ship. We were in our mid 30s then, and my husband, who had not shot skeet since his Eagle scout days, once beat out a young mid-20s Marine on his honeymoon. The new wife and I were in hysterics on the overlooking deck! My husband still mentions it once in a while. 😊 Fond memories...and I remember the passenger lists as well.
  4. We were on Deck 16 in YC on Meraviglia this past February. The entire YC is behind controlled-access doors on all floors, and all floors had elevator access within the YC. I too have knee issues and always use the elevators. The YC elevators were fast and easy to use. Service was very good, it was our first intro to MSC, and we had a wonderful time. We would have liked a bit more covered seating at the pool deck buffet, but would certainly repeat this experience.
  5. We have not received any of these latest emails from Azamara, tho we are Discoverer and just sailed on Pursuit last year. I gather lots of others are not receiving these lately either.
  6. Looking online, Dublin announced a while back that it is scaling back their cruise ship portages starting next year. It seems that their cargo business has boomed and that they are scaling back the cruises for that reason. The article I just read said that while the cruise lines, specifically Celebrity, were very unhappy about this change, the city agrees with this plan. The article further noted that the beginning and ending of cruises in Dublin would be most affected, and mostly only day visits allowed. This info may explain why the changes are coming. Dublin is one of our favorite cities and we have done 2 cruise visits there, as well as 2 land -only visits. However, the port is removed from the city center and as noted above, transportation to and from the port can be difficult.
  7. Agree our Mera cruise in Feb was clean and very well done.
  8. No problems in YC last week on Mera!
  9. Kind of sad to not see anyone looking for info on the Empress and the NW yet. We had such a good time, I want others to have one too! Enjoy the Mighty Miss, both now and next year.
  10. We have stayed in Sky Suites several times, including this past August, and have never been asked about our room bottle of wine ahead of time. We most often have been left a sweet white or sparkling, which are not our favorites. Usually we just ask for a switch to a merlot or something similar. We usually do get it fairly quickly ( a day or so), but on our last trip, it took 3 reminders to get it changed. Not really a huge problem, but sometimes we also had to “ convince” our butler to even make the switch. I hope that these two posts mean that we can request a wine type ahead of time for our next scheduled SS in a few months. Much easier for all! Also, we never had a “personalize your suite” email....what else was in the letter? Thanks for the info.
  11. We too did the same ruins/village tour with Native Choice and loved it. Clean, delicious meal and home visit after an interesting tour of the Mayans ruins. Yes, the ruins are an hour away, but worth it. The village visit is mid-way on the way back to town and breaks up the long drive. Native Choice offers many options and combinations of tours and are a safe and more reasonably-priced choice with a true cultural bent.
  12. On the Millie in an SS in August...no grab bars. At 5’ 1” and knee issues, it is a nightmare for me, even with spouse help. Really like the Luminae and other benefits of an SS ( tho not the new decor so much), but this bath issue is getting close to being a deal breaker.
  13. We are in 16007 on an upcoming Mera trip and I wondered the same thing for a long time. As Ate' replied above, I have since read here that most people use the main entrance to the TSL from the elevator/stair area, which is located in a separate hallway that runs between the room areas on that floor. There was recently an excellent review by aeroXWD on a December stay in 16005. There are excellent pictures and commentary of the trip that you might find helpful...I certainly did. Here is a link (I hope) to the report. There was no concern about room placement in the review,; they found it very good. I sent it to my husband to read as well and it clarified some concerns/questions he had about our first MSC cruise and YC in particular. I hope this answers your query as well ass the help from other responders. Enjoy your trip.
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