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  1. It's per device. So if you want to text/call each other you both have to have it. But you're not required too just because you're both in the same cabin. You can take turns with the wifi depending on who wants to use it. But only if you're not trying to call each other.
  2. Right, but what I've heard is that it may still be spotty. But they did dry-dock the Pride this year, so maybe the made improvements. I was just thinking that to support internet calling you'd need something good enough to also support streaming. I understood that you weren't trying to actually watch netflix. Some phones, or verizon, or iPhone can now call over wi-fi. Not sure why. Maybe for additional service in rural areas without towers nearby. Agreed that Google voice would not be in that category.
  3. Richelle, a lot of the ships have spotty wi-fi... they're making improvements but only one ship at a time (when in dry dock). I would only advise using Carnival's wifi for calling if you will be on Horizon, Vista, Panorama, Radiance, or Sunrise. (Not actually sure about the last two... the first three have upgraded their premium wi-fi to support Netflix.) And, yeah I don't know what the "$100" plan is as wi-fi is priced per day. I think you'd have to have Premium for it to possibly work for calls. Texting would work on the middle tier probably. Or just get the social media level and use Facebook messenger. I'm curious for myself... what was the pricing for AT&T?
  4. The most affordable will not be nicest. You're going to get your best price with Carnival if you're okay with minimal frills. It's not the "nicest" but it's my favorite.
  5. You should really call Royal Caribbean about this. For US travelers, there's no visa except a passport needed to travel to Japan, but I don't know if its different for Philippines.
  6. I only cruised that area in October, and the ocean was very calm. In the bigger ship, you should feel less motion and less seasickness, and April is before hurricane season so it should still be pretty calm. I recommend sea bands and ginger tablets. Enjoy your cruise!
  7. Once you're on board, unless you hate it, 7 days will feel like nothing and you'll wish it was longer. Have an amazing time!
  8. Here are some articles I put together for first-time cruisers! A packing list (incl printable version): http://www.laurenofalltrades.blog/2017/10/cruise-packing-list.html A shopping list: http://www.laurenofalltrades.blog/p/cruise-shopping.html And basic tips: http://www.laurenofalltrades.blog/2018/07/cruising-101.html Have a great time!!!
  9. If you're comfortable with using one, go for it. It doesn't cost you anything and you can probably save some money. Especially if you ask nicely 😉
  10. No. It's not worth what you might save by not needing a hotel. Some people never have a delayed flight and say you can do it, but think about how sad you'll be if your flight is delayed and hour and you cant get on your cruise. I'll never do it.
  11. I just went on the Inspiration which is one of the Sensation's sisters and I honestly barely noticed that it was smaller than the bigger ones I've been on. There are slightly less activities, but everyone says they're less crowded. I actually wrote about my experience on the Inspiration on my blog if you want to check it out! https://www.laurenofalltrades.blog/2018/11/carnival-inspiration.html
  12. If you don't have specific dates in mind, I love http://www.cruiseweb.com's advanced search. You can put in any months you can cruise, and all the ports you are interested in and your results will be for any itineraries that include those ports. You then book direct with the cruise line or with a travel agent.
  13. I book my cruises at least a year in advance to get the best prices. If you wait longer, NCL might have some good "Sailaway" rates but that won't include drinks and you don't get to pick your cabin location. Also maybe check out Carnival this year. I've done Carnival and NCL. I love both, but prefer Carnival.
  14. There are probably a lot of options! I love cruiseweb.com's advanced search. I use that when picking what ship/cruise line to go on for a specific date/location. I would then book through the cruise line directly or a travel agent.
  15. Here's all my tips for cruising, should answer most of your questions 🙂 : http://laurenofalltrades.blogspot.com/p/cruise-tips.html
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