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  1. Yes, the ship is HAL's Rotterdam but I could not see on their Roll Call page how to begin a Call for a new cruise. Sorry I posted in the wrong section. Lynn
  2. Didn't see an existing Roll Call, so hoping to start one here.
  3. It seems that most (if not all) cruises that are booked from the US have the same tipping policy as Viking, although the amounts might be different. Some European lines may include tips in the initial price. As to what salaries are paid to which employees or how the gratuities are divided is not interesting to me and I doubt the cruise lines would reveal it anyway. The employees accept the employment contracts knowing what to expect. It is what it is. What I do find interesting is that many of the Viking staff I spoke with moved to Viking from other cruise lines, indicating Viking must be advantageous with their offers. Anyone wishing to forego the stated tipping policy and set up their own tipping or not tipping policy is welcome to do so on any of the ships.
  4. This is absolutely right - we learned the hard way. We bought Viking insurance and they refused to allow us to cancel the first booking (even though we would be paying the cancellation fee) and rebook at the lower price (saving $600). They would not allow us to transfer their insurance to the new booking even though we could transfer the insurance to another Viking cruise (even a river one). just not this one. Needless to say, this is the last time we will buy Viking insurance. And, after 2 wonderful previous cruises with them, this leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
  5. Not in our experience. There was never any hint or comments that would lead one to believe a tip was expected or being solicited. In fact on the last cruise we had to seek out our cabin attendants as they were busy cleaning another cabin when we left. They were definitely not hanging around with hands out.
  6. There is a telescope on the 8th deck, in the lounge facing forward, right above the Explorer Lounge.
  7. We have cruised on Viking Sun and Sky, the Sun being the newer ship. The only difference we noticed was that Sun's cabin curtains were electronically operated as opposed to simply pulling them back and forth. This certainly wasn't significant and interestingly, a ship officer told us the change was a result of a suggestion an earlier passenger had given. On the Cruise Critic website at the top of the first page, one can enter Viking Jupiter and find a complete description of the ship to be launched in February 2019. I did not read any differences from what we experienced with their other ships. My husband and I are booked on Jupiter from Barcelona to Buenos Aires in Nov 2019.
  8. Having had some experience in a tourist related business in the U.S., I realize that some visitors from other countries do not have the same tipping policies in their countries as here in the U.S. That is no excuse to not be familiar with the tipping norm of the country or the cruise ship one books. . . and to follow accordingly. Personally I feel the tipping policies on Viking cruises are entirely in line with services given and in keeping with what one would expect to pay on a cruise of this caliber. Certainly, anyone is entitled to reward exceptional service with additional tips, but the recommended amount should be the minimum.
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