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  1. These days, swim trunks look a lot like shorts, and that with a T shirt and flip flops would be fine. Ladies usually have some kind of cover up which should be fine, too. Have a wonderful trip!
  2. I was lucky enough to get the excursion through Viking. Thanks for the info!
  3. I was just reading over the TA reviews from October, 2018 to get a feel for the crowds. Several posters mentioned that passports/ID's were randomly checked upon entry. Has anyone out there experienced this?
  4. I bet you are! We are not on that one........sure would like to have met you! Safe travels and have a ball!
  5. Which upcoming Trade Routes cruise are you on, this year's September 22 or October 6?
  6. Which upcoming Trade Routes cruise are you on, the September 22 or October 6 2019?
  7. I was pretty sure you did! I pointed it out for the other people who may be reading these posts and may not have thought to do it that way. As long as you get your money back, alls well that ends well!
  8. The only people who would know about the M&M are CC members, and since CC is a public forum, anyone can join. The purpose of the party is for the people who have met each other here online are then able to possibly meet their fellow cruisers in person.
  9. A very good point. Too many people there would make it less special.
  10. This is a great idea, but there are alternative avenues to addressing this problem. I was double charged for an excursion, and instead of calling Viking, I went on line, clicked the dispute button and it was all handled by the credit card company. No fuss, no muss and I barely had to do a thing!
  11. I think part of the problem is that some people don't know that Cruise Critic exists! Whenever I travel, I'm always surprised by the people who don't know about sites like Trip Advisor and others that are out there to help people research and learn about travel. I can't even remember what I did before the internet, it is so crucial to me when planning. Also, I do think that where the invitation is placed in the room is an important factor as there is so much to do when you first enter your cabin. Perhaps a different color of envelope, something bright, to get people's attention?
  12. We are on this cruise too, and I agree, the process for reserving excursions is woefully inadequate. Have you signed up for the Meet and Mingle yet? If not, go to the top of this page and look to the left and click on Meet and Mingle and follow the prompts. The M&M is a special cocktail party hosted by Viking just for CC members. It's usually held on the second or third evening at 6:PM in the Wintergarden on Deck 7 - if you sign up, look for your invitation in your stateroom. Looking forward to meeting you, and I hope you are successful in getting others to go on the private tour! I'm sure there are others who are disappointed at not getting to reserve - it is very popular!
  13. We're on the Trade Routes of the Midde Ages cruise, and our pre extension is a day touring Oslo and then taking the scenic train ride to Bergen the next day. We are really excited and so looking forward to it. I will be glad to post a review and pics once we return. Hope you have a great time, too! Happy Travels!
  14. We are in a DV1 cabin, and I got everything we wanted. I was at the ready at the window opening time and booked excursions based on priority for us. I booked and paid for the most important one first, then did the rest of the pay for excursions. Then I did the included ones....no problems.
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