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  1. I'd started packing for my April 19 cruise on Freedom. I finally unpacked it all when Royal officially extended their suspension of cruising, but I'd accepted it wouldn't happen well before that. It was very heartbreaking putting it all away. Even more heartbreaking cancelling my cruise planner purchases, which I'd done a few days before the cruise was cancelled. It'll be hard when April 19 comes and picturing what I should have been doing 😔
  2. As a Cath Lab RN here I'm the States, it warms my heart to hear you talk so knowledgeably about your medical care! Most patients in the US have no idea what their medical history is because they don't pay attention/don't care. Glad everything went well for you and that you're on the mend!
  3. I live in Maine, but I'm booked on an Air Canada flight out of Montreal to San Juan April 18 for my cruise on Freedom leaving the next day, so I've been following what Canada is doing regarding travel restrictions closely as I'll have to cross into Canada (and then back to the US on the other end). Not to mention flying into and out of Canada. I'm hoping we'll still be able to go, that's our current plan, but things have the potential to change in either direction. This either gets a lot worse, or it starts going away. But it's good to know we have options with our flight in addition to our cr
  4. Just upgraded my S9+ to the S20 Ultra, you'll have to check it out when you get home. You'll have some amazing pics taken with it! 100x zoom...
  5. Oh perfect! I couldn't find if any of the others were added during their amps cause I didn't know if they'd been on before or not! I don't need the texting, I just enjoy being able to look at the days schedule without carting around my Compass! Thank you!
  6. Hi all! I've searched and searched but cannot find an answer - will Freedom be available on the Royal App after it's Amplification is done? I have a cruise on Freedom in April, and my app is currently telling me Freedom isn't supported on the app. I did enjoy using the app on Harmony (I know people have mixed feelings about the app, and that is not what this post is about), and I'd like to use it again on Freedom. Any insight anyone can give me would be great!
  7. Hi Betty! I was at Cococay in Dec on Harmony. We were the only ship there that day so I can't speak to what your specific experience will look like, but we loved the waterpark! I am a thrill ride kind of person, so I thoroughly enjoyed my day there. We got off the ship as soon as we could, and beelined straight for the slides. The slides that have tubes or mats to sit on do get lines pretty early and stay steady throughout the day, so I'd hit those first. Then, the tallest ride, Daredevil's Peak, has a ticket return system to minimize the wait in line. I'd stop by there and see wha
  8. I used GoPortCanaveral this past December. We used the Fly Snooze Cruise package. Our flight got into MCO later in the day so we chose a hotel near MCO. We used the hotel shuttle to get to the hotel. The bus picked us up the next morning, we were the first stop, and we only picked up at one other hotel literally next door. It is a larger coach bus, but very comfortable. On our way back, we got to the line for pickup when there were only about 15 people in line. We waited maybe 10 minutes, probably less than that, and the next bus arrived. There were some people in our line that didn't make it
  9. Two words: Havana Room! We stayed in a Havana inside cabin on the Vista in 2017, the restricted access to two hot tubs and pool to Havana only guests was so worth it if you like a quieter pool. Especially since the pool situation is not ideal on Carnival, way too small/not enough. Glad you enjoyed your cruise! I'll have to look back, but I don't remember seeing any comments on the Cats movie, just on the changes they made to Oasis' production 😉 I've seen you tease in several other threads you wouldn't comment on the movie until this Live, I'm a little let down 😂
  10. It is school vacation, no kids going unless you count my newly 18yr old step sister! She's graduating high school this year so we're making it a girls trip with my sister, her, and my step mom to celebrate. We're getting the snow now, expecting 6-9 in here in Bangor. Less than 100 days until my toes are in the sand and the temps are above freezing!
  11. Hello from the freezing north! I don’t know if you guys are having the same cold snap we are, but planning for this cruise is all that’s keeping me warm! I’ll look for this, I’ve seen some pictures of that room too, and I don’t know what exactly the differences are, but it’ll work for me! Thank you!
  12. Hi everyone! I've searched for this topic but can't seem to find the specific answer in any of the threads I found. Does anyone know what the couch situation is for a third and fourth guest in this cabin? Is it a pull out full bed couch, a couch and trundle, or a couch and Pullman? Pictures would also be very much appreciated if anyone had any! We'll have 4 people in the room for the April 19 sailing. Thank you!
  13. Same as above. I was there on Harmony, only ship in port. Get right off the ship ASAP, do the Daredevil's Peak (big red slide), then go do all the tube slides. Throughout the day, the longest lines were the tube slides. For the most part, we were able to essentially walk straight onto all the slides with the exception of the red slide and the tube slides. At the end of the day, you can do the red slide multiple times in a row as they stop doing the return cards and no one is waiting. It is a significant hike up to the red slide, so keep that in mind if you're planning on doing it again and aga
  14. I think you should do it because you sound very excited about it! I live in Maine, and it is a great time of year to visit! You may be a little past peak leaf peeping season in Bar Harbor and the farther north ports in Canada, but it'll still be fun! Plan on it being "cold" as a Florida resident (my Jacksonville family freeze with anything below 80😂), but to us New Englanders it'll still be very mild, nothing too crazy. I do highly suggest doing it again when your kids are older, say 10 and 12 range, because most of these port stops are rich in history, and they will enjoy and appreciate that
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