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  1. Hello Maureen Such a beautiful cruise that Im sure you will love,yes nice and neat dressing is more than acceptable,my husband did not take any business type pants just neat pants and jeans,a nice top or shirt and your ready to party.. umbrellas are in your wardrobe but hopefully you won’t need them, even though I went in July and it was very warm I did take a lightweight jacket for the cooler nights when sitting on the deck. next year I have booked 2 more river cruises with this company ,this will take me to Number 5 😂
  2. Into sure if I’m in right area. I’m desperate for some feedback on a Emerald/Evergreen river cruise Budapest to Bucharest i have travelled 3 times with this company and we are looking to do the motorised yacht through the Dalmatian Coast then picking up the Eastern Europe tour. i can’t find much info on people’s thoughts at all Thanks in advance sharon 😀
  3. Hi As we have never ocean cruised I have no idea.. We would be coming from Australia I’m just trying to gather info on the pros and cons,hope this makes sense I suppose one thing is we aren’t to convinced the huge ships are our thing so the smaller ships with 1000 passengers..maybe around the Greek islands :confused:
  4. hi My husbandand i have travelled with Emerald waterways a number of times and have enjoyed every moment,however we are toying with the idea of an ocean cruise,would appreciate any imput regarding this Cheers Sharon
  5. Not sure if in right area,my husband and I have done a few river cruises with emerald waterways and have loved every moment,however we are toying with the idea of ocean cruising. Has anyone done this and what were your thoughts.. Thanks
  6. Any information appreciated Sent from my iPad using Forums
  7. Has anyone current info on the Lisbon and Nice river cruise We are doing the pre and post days as well Sailing in July,we have previously sailed the Prague to Paris with Emerald waterways and loved it So thought we would see a different side to the previous one. Any info would be greatly appreciated..thanks I have posted something similar but called it which what it is called in Australia Cheers Sharon Sent from my iPad using Forums
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