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    Purchasing alcohol while on board

    So to be clear... You take your allotted 1 bottle of wine PP in a carry on, then you also take another 1 bottle PP in your luggage. Then I'm assuming the only thing that happens with the wine in your luggage is you get called down to the naughty room to explain "you forgot to put in your carry on" and they let you take your wine and go on your merry way? Asking for a friend ;)
  2. mlbunting

    Cozumel. Ferry travel dangerous?

    Do anyone know if the excursions to Tulum Ruins are included? We are leaving in 3 weeks.
  3. mlbunting

    Whale sharks

    Does Royal offer any excursions in Cozumel to snorkel with Whale Sharks? And if so what ship offer this?
  4. mlbunting

    New Travel Restrictions to Cuba

    We are booked for the April 28th cruise. I hope this all works itself out by then! Otherwise I may also look into changing ships.
  5. mlbunting

    Eclipse Live From Oasis

    Anyone could go to the concert. But you had to register 1st. Once on the ship it was sold out so if you didn't register online prior to the cruise you were out of luck. It is a small area. Maybe only 1400 people if that. We were 7th row back right off center. The center seats were reserved for the Diamond plus/suite type cruisers. But I didn't feel slighted since we still had good seats. The concert was awesome and since it was such a small venue felt quite personal.