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  1. We did a lift and shift from our January 2021 Cruise (which was non-refundable) to a January 2022 cruise. We are from Canada, I have mixed vaccines and have 2 kids under 12 😬 so I called my TA to see if I could do another L&S to January 2023. I could only L&S to another cruise departing prior to April 2022. In order to move my cruise again I will have to pay a penalty of $100 per person. That said, my TA also told me to wait on it to see if Royal will make any changes to cruise with confidence program based on all the uncertainty. Fingers crossed!!! 🤞 Not sure if any of that is applicable to your situation!
  2. Thanks everyone. My kids are young, so less worried about soda, but they may want some sort of fancy non-alcoholic slushy drinks or chocolate milk etc. Sounds like its best to limit them to 1 a day and just pay for it. Thanks!
  3. We usually cruise with Royal, but I am considering an Alaskan cruise with NCL in 2021 and have a question about the "Open Bar" offer. We will be sailing with our 2 children, and while I understand that the open bar offer is for guests 1 & 2, does that mean I have to purchase the soda package for my kids? Or are they covered with the free at sea deal? Thanks!
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