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  1. Woohoo!!! I’m on board for this!! Let the fun begin!!
  2. From what I read today Greece is also going to begin allowing tourists in sometime in mid-May.. with proper precautions of course, proof of negative test, proof of antibodies or proof of vaccination, etc. but tourists will be subject to random testing while in the country, however, one thing Greece gets right in MHO is that IF you test positive while on vacation all medical is covered for duration of your stay i.e. medical expenses, hospitals, medication, etc.
  3. It’s so great to see y’all back!!! Can’t wait to see y’all cruising again!! Hope to cruise together now that I can cruise again!!! ~Jay~
  4. I learned alooooong time ago when in Mexico it’s all about pacing yourself... for ever 2-3 drinks, drink 1 bottle of water minimum to stay hydrated. Not to slow you drunk down but to keep you hydrated due to the heat!!
  5. The new federal mandate is not actually about enhanced DL’s.. (currently only 5 states offer them) Otis for what is called REAL ID which will be the only way you can bored planes or enter government buildings.
  6. Packed in checked luggage a slingshot would work lol
  7. You must establish dominance early!! Maybe even purchase or fashion a blow gun to take out these blow-up plastic invaders from a camouflage position 😂🤣😂
  8. Ugh the urine level in those pools increased by a factor of 10...
  9. From what I read in the past (someone correct me if I am wrong please), the test cruises will be in selected ships meaning full crew on 3 or 4 vessels. The “test” passengers would then be filled in by crew members from other ships in the fleet for testing and to have them close and in accommodations for when they do get the green light to sail.
  10. Most definitely two different establishments on board red frog pub will have the nibblies but the red frog rum bar is usually on lido and is a drinks on establishment. But I have used the hub to have nibblies delivered to me 😁😁
  11. Other than the photographers and spa, I don’t recall my last cruise feeling any pressure. I never was accosted by the art gallery sales pitch or the gold by the inch people lol.. how ever nightly I vaguely remember hearing repeatedly “SHOT, SHOT, SHOT!!!” I say vaguely as I had noooooo problem with this sales pitch in the diningroom, on lido, etc.. I was like a kid in candy store “oooh look more booze 👀👀” 😂🤣😂 i cruise time relax and have fun and if they want wonder around sell me shots in collectible ***** glasses I’m not gonna turn that down!!
  12. Nov 6-11,2021 on the Valor out of NOLA solo.. I am planning to do a live review IF it sails. This will be one of the “first” sailings out of dry dock so I to pass on the new look everyone who has shared their experiences with us in the past! Feb 13-20,2022 On the Glory for a friends wedding again will be doing a live review of the cruise if the internet on Glory can take it! I am also close to pulling the trigger on southern Caribbean for early fall of 2022 just trying to determine what will work best for my schedule and budget.
  13. @jbhcw your welcome!! I can’t wait to see what kinda shenanigans Greg and Harry get up to!! Me and SJ are waiting “patiently” lol!!!
  14. Greg- Also sorry for the late replies but I have been off the boards the past few years and had to restart (new screen name) lost everything on here lol... but have followed from the beginning and read all your reviews and all of your and aids tips have helped me tons over the years.. but now that I’m a solo (divorce final after a four year battle)🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 I can finally put all those extra tips and bar hopping foodie places through their paces!!!
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