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  1. I carry a small shoulder bag and it’s usually on my lap in my chair or on the chair back facing away from an aisle. Lucky those of you that don’t need one ( hubby was tired of filling his pockets with my stuff ) NEVER do I put my bag on the floor EVER-bags just don’t belong on floors-dont get me started there.... lol

    and always off the ground in a restroom, but that definitely is another topic......

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  2. 14 hours ago, lovethesealife said:

    Tour prices change all the time, mostly going up. I try to book my tours when there is a Cruise Favorites sale (I get email notifications), which is usually a 4 day or more period that happens about every 3 weeks. I book my tours as far in advance as possible, recheck prices if there is a new sale, and cancel/rebook if lower.

    How do I get this please?   I’m use to NCL you can book ahead or on the ship and prices don’t change-between the drinks and shore excursions this is a lot of checking

  3. Everyone should choose what works for them! Last cruise I got a lanyard after multiple times cruising without one.   Hubby was tired of me always asking for my card and I was tired of asking him for it or forgetting it and didn’t always want to carry a bag with me.  A lot of my cruise clothes are without pockets too, so I’m bringing my lanyard-my choice-my comfort!

    Smooth seas with or without your lanyard😄

  4. I still consider my first cruise in 1964 coming back from Guam to CA on the USNS Barrett.

    My Dad suprised my mom by telling her we were going back to the states on a Navy ship

    He was in the USAF and at this time this was a very special not of the norm way to return to the states.

    This was a military ship carrying servicemen to HI (2 day layover) and to CA from Guam

    There were very few families on board but the crew did an amazing job of keeping the kids entertained.  They provided us with so many things to do my brother and I (7&11) we were never bored.   My mom was sea sick a lot but it was still an unforgettable and most memorable time in my life.
    My other first cruise Celebrity Mercury to Alaska 2002.

    ” Wanna go on a cruise to Alaska?”  Alaska? on a cruise, why?   “Cos we can get a great deal thru a Travel Agency In July-the salmon will be running and I think it would be cool!  Ok, I guess; what do I wear?”

    Been cruising ever since.




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  5. Thanks everyone it sounds like the 2 lines are pretty similar but looking forward to the Ice Show!

    Definitely will be asking for something I don’t see on the menu.  Chicken Cordon Bleu but maybe they offer it.

    Again thanks for all the input.

  6. After 15 years with NCL giving RC another try-last sailed 15 years ago Legend of the Seas.

    What does a former Free-Style cruiser need to know for a smooth sailing with RC Navigator of the Seas.  Any tips would be helpful and appreciated. Thanks

  7. Last year on the EPIC sailing from PC in Dec was one of the most relaxed free style dressing ever experienced on NCL (crushing since 2005)

    not much dressing for either men or women dinner time and shorts were accepted at LeBistro-we were a tad surprised, but since we weren’t dressing up either (not in shorts) it didn’t bother me but I did notice

    Going on the Joy in December out of San Pedro and I suspect we will see much the same

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