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  1. Thank you so much for your reply, John. Looks like we'll go for the taxi tour and if there is enough time, we'll bail out early and walk down. I wish we had more time in port. The last time we visited we got back to the ship with 30 minutes to spare and then waited an hour past departure time waiting for two missing passengers. We could have had an extra hour too!! Lynn
  2. We'll be in Gibraltar from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. on September 27th, so really only 4 1/2 hours:(. We've been to Gibraltar previously and walked to the lower cable station, took the cable car to the upper station, looked around the station area and then walked down via the Charles V wall stairs. Time was limited on that stop as well so this was all we had time to do. We'd like a chance to see a bit more at the top of the rock. Would we have time to walk to the cable car, ride up, and then walk down via the Seige Tunnels and Moorish Castle back to the ship? Or do you think it would be best for us to take one of the taxi tours? Wish we could have a full day in Gibraltar....so much to see.
  3. SHIP: Equinox CABIN #: 9248 DECK #: 9 CLASS: Inside AREA: Great location mid-ship, close to central atrium BED NEAR: bathroom QUIET?: Noisy in the middle of the night BALCONY VIEW: N/A BALCONY SIZE: N/A WIND A PROBLEM?: N/A SOOT A PROBLEM?: N/A PROBLEMS/COMMENTS:We had 9248 on Eclipse last year and it was a quiet cabin so decided to book it on Equinox. Mistake. The cabin is located next to a large galley kitchen used for room service meals. It's noisy with talking, music, dishing rattling around, but in the cabin you heard absolutely nothing of this (on either ship). However, on Equinox they apparently do the cleaning/re-stocking in the middle of the night. So anywhere from 2:30 a.m. to 5:30 a.m. there was A LOT of noise. It would be there for 5-10 minutes, then you'd drift off to sleep and it would start up again and be like this for an hour or more. Lots of metal hitting metal types of noise, shelves scraping, banging. Even using ear plugs was of no help. Our sleep suffered seriously on this trip. So, unless you're a good, heavy sleeper, I wouldn't recommend this cabin. Spoke to others in 9252 and 9256 and both said there was no noise in their cabins.
  4. Moose Tracks

    Pictorial Review: Celebrity Constellation, 3/19/16

    Thanks so much for the photos. We sail her next year. Glad to hear she's still in good shape. Just got back from Eclipse and loved the S class, but also have fond memories of the smaller size of the M class when we sailed Millie and Summit. Were there other buffet options as well for dinner? Were the cooked to order foods the only meat/fish options or did they also have some different items sitting under the warming lights? Could you go through the buffet and get your own veggies, salad, etc.? We like the informality of casual dining and love being able to sample a bit of everything. :) Our Eclipse sailing out of Miami had the helipad invite for Elite. Of course, I forgot to go... Lynn
  5. Moose Tracks

    Citavecchia to Rome to Tivoli OR Ostia Antica

    I wouldn't recommend going to Ostia. It's amazing, but a lot of walking on uneven surfaces, plus it can be blistering hot. Try to fit in the Baths....quite imposing.
  6. Good to know there's the buffet option for dinner. Along with the items you mentioned, I'm hoping there's the variety that's available during lunch....asian foods, shepherd's pie, different veggies....we love having a little bit of everything!
  7. Does Connie have casual dining for dinners in the Oceanview Cafe with the buffet set up similar to lunch time? Don't give up on Celebrity. We sailed Millie in 2005 and loved her and will be doing Connie next summer. Give the "S" class ships a try. We just returned from Eclipse and were really impressed.
  8. Thanks. With today's exchange rate it works out about $95 cheaper to book in CAD...wow, we're getting a deal.
  9. Duh...never realized I could do that....the print is so small, I've never seen that drop down! Works out the same price with exchange. Didn't think i'd ever say, i wish the price of oil would go up again. I hate this yoyo CAD. Thanks.
  10. I'm hoping there is a kind soul out there that would get me pricing for a cruise in USD. With my IP I can only get CAD. Some of us want to pay in USD and others in CAD. Would like to compare before containing TA. June 5, 2017 - Constellation - Italy & Croatia - 10 days - roundtrip Venice. Looking for the USD pricing for a Category 6 oceanview cabin (eg. 3128). In CAD it's coming in at $5,184 with taxes and port fees. Assuming they'll be $100 off for Captain's Club pricing for the next category down. Anyone who has already booked, is Celebrity offering reduced deposits? Please and thanks! Lynn
  11. I'm hoping she'll be doing the Adriatic itineraries again. We had to cancel in 2013 and we're putting it back on our list for 2017. I just gotta see Malta!!
  12. Moose Tracks

    Need help with Norwegian cruise itinerary.....

    Thanks, I-Cruiser. We were looking at Royal Caribbean. We would definitely prefer to do ports that highlighted the fjords. I checked itineraries for 2014 on Legend of the Seas, hoping they would be the same for 2015, but the itineraries just posted this week for 2015 and they've changed to Serenade of the Seas. Newer ship so the prices are higher than this year. Now Copenhagen is the only option. Only a May 8th sailing - seems a bit too early as I understand some attractions don't open until the end of May, and one in August that's pricing out at $800 more than the May 31, 2014 cruise. Checked NCL and it's a bit less expensive, but not by much. Might be a bit more than we're willing to pay....:(
  13. Any help with deciding on our itinerary would be appreciated....which would you choose?? August Oslo (never been here) Stavanger Geiranger Alesund Hamburg or early June Copenhagen (have been here) Flam Alesund Geiranger Bergen June seems to be cooler than August, but drier. Lynn
  14. Moose Tracks

    Helsinki Questions? Glad to help!

    Thanks for solving the mystery!! Lynn