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  1. Thank you! I'm so glad you are enjoying the review. I'm sorry it's dragging on so long. Stuff is getting in the way, but I'm determined to give everyone what I promised. New Orleans is a really special place, I don't know if you could see it all in a single lifetime.
  2. Here's some more museum shots, because it was so darn cool in there. (I'm a food nerd) They were also recording a podcast in there the day we visited.
  3. The museum itself is great!!!! If you are into food, especially southern food, you'll love it here. They even have a copy of an original popeyes biscuit recipe~! They also have all manner of artifacts from southern food life. From Absinth spoons and bottles to BBQ.
  4. Toups south is the restaurant at the Southern Food and Beverage museum - https://southernfood.org/ A GREAT MUSEUM~! WITH AN EVEN BETTER RESTAURANT! Let's start with the food first. Menu: I regret not getting the cracklins, because I love cracklins, but we certainly had a super delicious meal. A+++. This place is fantastic. The biscuits with crab fat butter were divine. Crispy on the outside, fluffy pillows of love on the inside. The crab fat butter was certainly crabby, but smooth and full of amazing flavors. Just the right amount of seafood, salt and happy. A perfect match to the biscuits. The Octopus was somethin' else. Lemme tell ya. The sauce was unctuous, smooth and delicious. A great balance of flavors. The octopus was so so tender too. You could really taste it too, the sauce was not overpowering. I wish I had ordered 5 of them and not shared with my wife. The restaurant is stark, but nicely done. All that separates it from the museum is a curtain. So you can get a drink from the bar and then tour the museum. I think you can also rent it all out for a big awesome party. The bar is also apparently the oldest operating physical bar in the US. It isn't at the original location though. It was rescued from its former location and set up here. Kinda cool actually. We had come a little early that day, so it was pretty empty. i'm sure it fills up fast.
  5. If you're into Sushi, Mikimoto in NOLA has been around forever and is really great. Get a box roll! I've never had anything like it before. It is a layer of rice, some crab (real, not the fake stuff), more rice, then raw fish. Super good. Also, the fried oysters I had there were the best I had the entire time I was in NOLA. They were super fresh and delicious. My wife used to come here a lot in college, and it is a MUST stop every time we are in town. I certainly don't complain about it. Did I post these yet? I love how festive the city is! Also, you have to love cajun-claus I also really love how full of live everyone is in NOLA. This gentleman was totes rockin' out, and just enjoying life. He wasn't high or anything, just... full of life and jazz. VID_20191226_183312.mp4 More random NOLA architecture for good measure.
  6. The Riverwalk shops/mall across from the terminal very clearly caters to tourists. And that's necessarily a bad thing. You've got your usual smattering of mall shops. A few have some very touristy gifts. Some actually have really lovely NOLA gifts too. Crescent City creations has some funky sparkly clothes my wife likes. You'll find your usual assortment of t-shirt shops and such too. The Fossil outlet store often has good prices. If you've forgotten some clothes for the cruise, this is a good place to grab 'm before you board. Yay! Ugly stuff made in China!
  7. The French market is a hoot. You've got a few different sections of it. One part has lots of food and some gifts, then there's a section with a little higher end gifts, and the tent-ish part outside is a flea market of sorts with cheap gift things. Great for picking up a souvenir. Some of the items for sale are actually great. I picked up a few little trinkets there. The snowball stand in there isn't the BEST I've ever had, but decent. They also have a shop selling apple beignets. Those are darn tasty.
  8. A few years ago I became a fountain pen nerd. I love using them. In a word where I'm about as important as the gum on someone's shoe, it makes me feel special. NOLA has a store called Papier Plume that is well known in the writing and fountain pen community. They have all sorts of writing goodies, wax seals, etc. They also make and sell their own custom inks in store. I bought a bottle of the red beans and rice ink. Great stuff. If you know anyone into journaling, writing, etc. This is a great shop to visit. They have a range of pens too, from crazy fancy to affordable. And an awesome skull pen holder that my wife wouldn't let me buy. 😞 The one in the middle here that is black and gold is actually made with metal from the titanic. If I had $8,500 to spend on the pen.... I might have. Maybe. But not brought it on the cruise. I feel like that's bad luck. I'll stick with my $20 pens.
  9. Sorry folks. I only go on vacation once every few years, and now I remember why. Everything goes to poop when I get back. I have a close relative who just had to have a brain tumor removed. Sucks. But that's why I've been so spotty. Anyway, back to NOLA, since I promised. Here's a few more pics that should give you a sense of the history and the beauty in this city. And that house: And beignets. Because Beignets.
  10. Well written, and yes, the muffaletta at central grocery in particular tastes like history.
  11. I"m so sorry for not getting back to you sooner. Coming from chicago, I was actually surprised how reasonable most of the food was other than a few famous places. Ruby slipper is worth every penny. And 2 of us shared one meal and we are NOT small eaters. Trolly stop is also good. And Johnny's po boys in French Quarter. Sorry again for not getting you more names sooner.
  12. If you go to NOLA and don't go to Ruby Slipper for breakfast, I can only assume you have mental problems. Here we see the benedict flight and some candy bacon. Both I regret sharing with my wife. Also, get the banana foster cocktail. It is warm! Amazing! And (Insert long string of cuss words here) delicious. And I don't even drink. And I want to live in a bathtub filled with that stuff. Spectacular. Every inch of the French quarter is special and beautiful. Jackson square is just... beautiful. Great shops all around the square too. Everything is really tasteful, and some great places to get unique goodies to take home. The St. Louis Cathedral is also the oldest in the US. A really special place. ] Also, I'm pretty sure it is the only cathedral in the word that has someone dressed like the devil outside of it reading tarot cards.
  13. OK, as promised.... NOLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's just start off by saying New Orleans is spectacular and I could move there. Yes, I know "but you're only there on vacation" blah blah blah. Sometimes, you just get a feeling about a place. NOLA could be my forever home. Let's dispel a few myths too. 1) It's not a drunken sloppy party city. Even during Mardi Gras. There's a TON of family friendly parts to the parade. You just see on TV what sells ratings and seedy DVDs. 2) It is still in Shambles from the Hurricane. Is it 100% recovered yet? No. But would you really even know? No, probably not. 3) A snowball is the same as a snow cone. Not even close. A real snowball is fluffy like the clouds the angels sit on and covered in delectable magic. You need to get it with the condensed cream too. I could eat 50 in a row. In the middle of winter. I've got hundreds of NOLA pics, but I promise I won't post 'm all. Just some major highlights. If I repeat any from earlier... deal. I'm way too lazy to scroll back 6 pages. First up, we have an awesome combination tattoo parlour and law office. I'm sure they do both amazingly well. Maybe I can get my will inked onto my butt. Even the bus and trolley lines got all festive for the holiday. And here we have the pothole in its natural habitat. Traffic cone for scale. It's not impossible that this damage is still there from Katrina. You still see things like this around the city that were just... never fixed. I mean, the name of this restaurant is perfect. It is on St. Charles, so it gets covered in beads every year when they throw them into the crowds. Pro tip, this far uptown, the parades are still crowded, but far, far more family friendly. Awesome t-shirt. I regret not buying it.
  14. Thanks for that compliment!!! I tried it on the Dream two years ago. I was honestly not a fan. But it could have been that sailing, crew, etc. I would give it another shot.
  15. Thanks so much! Glad you're enjoying the review! And your shirt offer is super heart warming!
  16. Debarkation day was kinda rushed. They started making announcements extra early and were proud of the fact that they were getting us off "in record time". My wife was PISSED that I ended up waking her up an hour earlier than she had wanted, but they really wanted us out. Part of it was that they needed to do tests on the elevators. I was actually one of the last people off the ship. We had a billing error that I ran around trying to fix for a long ass time. I got charged for towels from the Lido. No idea why, but they eventually relented and took the $22 off my bill. I'm really really glad that I checked my final statement at the last minute. Let that be a lesson, don't leave the ship without checking! All in all, this was a great trip. Sure, it had some annoying things, and some misses, but I'd get back on the Glory tomorrow if I could. I have no hesitation to recommend the Glory for a great time. And this technically concludes the review but I know y'all want to know more about NOLA. Before I post about that (probably tomorrow) do you have any other questions I can answer? Or any other pictures of things you'd like to see?
  17. The least sea day the weather was a bit rough and cold. Nobody was in the pools. The sunset was really nice that night. And we were seeing oil rigs by that time. TOWEL MONKEY!!! Also, debarkation info, cause folks care about that. Cookie did a Q&A session. It was awesome. He's a great guy. He was super candid, and it was a great session. It's sad that there were not more people in the audience, because this was a highlight of the trip. Hearing about his life and what he does was not something I thought I'd enjoy as much as I did. Cookie is a really smart, funny and heartfelt guy. He really cares about his staff, his job and the impact he has on our vacation. It is clear that his staff cares about him too. He was really honest with us, about good and bad. I never thought a cruise director could matter really for me, but he changed my perception of the job. Somehow, I forgot to even take pics of the menu the last night. Sorry! I suck! BUT, we did get an amazing surprise at dinner! The first night I had talked a lot to our waiter about Filipino food. I've had the chance to eat it a bunch of times and I really like it. He promised to get me some the last night and he DID!!!!!!!!! CHICKEN ADOBO FTW!!!!! Might have been one of the tastiest things we ate on the ship. The rice was fragrant and delicious. So good. So sad we didn't get it every night Get friendly with your waiters! Get some chicken adobo! We learned on our behind the scenes tour that the staff mess serves a lot more foods like this, and I was crazy jealous. I even said something to the tour guide. He brushed me off, but I was really serious. I wish we could also order more of the kinds of food they get "downstairs". Here's a little video of the "dinner show" the last night. VID_20200104_213018.mp4 The ship has a little trophy cabinet. It's kinda cool. And one of the paintings is upside down. Here's some shots of the Lido at night, because they are pretty. And a glimpse at the rock and glow party. They had to scale it down and move it inside because it was so cold and windy. The ship was rockin' pretty hard that night too. And I don't mean party rocking. I mean take your bonine rocking. OK, this was one of the BEST BEST BEST things. On our left we have a hand-written recipe for Chicken Adobo! I was also talking to our room steward about it and he ended up giving me his family recipe. Nelmer, you are awesome! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To your right, you have some goodies compliments of the head chef that were delivered to our room as thanks for taking the behind the fun tour. and in the center.... DUN DUN DUN... A SHIP ON A STICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F*CK YEAH! I don't know if it was a party favor from the tour, or a thank you from one of the fun squad crew we got friendly with. But it's my single most favorite thing ever. I made my wife carry it home as carefully as a newborn baby. That thing has a place of honor in our home now. I mean it is solid gold.
  18. Last sea day is the worst. It means I have to go back to real life soon. But. I did do the behind the fun tour at it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With some extra !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sadly, no pictures, so I'll just write about it. You have to sign up right away when you first board. It sells out quickly. It cost us $95 a person and was well worth it. You get an amazing 4 hour tour and you also get a few pics. One of the group at the very bow of the ship and one on the ship with the captain. And a hat, lanyard bag thing and a soap carving. We saw behind the scenes in the theater, A galley, the bridge, the engine control room, the storage areas, garbage areas, the office of the HR director on the ship (he was the one who led our tour), crew dining/cabins/bar, the laundry areas and i'm sure i"m forgetting something else. Really amazing what you learn. I feel like in order to make diamond level, you should be required to take one of these tours so you can see how the staff really live before you get all cranky and entitled. It's amazing how much of a floating city even an older, smaller ship is. The crew, other than the captain were all so happy to answer questions and were clearly passionate about their jobs. The captain was as huggable as a cactus and was completely disinterested in us. Sad really. Even in his announcements though every morning this guy sounded as happy and energetic as a mortician. Maybe it was just our sailings because he's probably under a lot of pressure since the uhhhhh.... incident. You learn amazing things like the fact that they make 500 pounds of bacon a day on the ship. And that the crew bar rates are 25¢ for a bottle of wine! I was really happy that the people we met with were so open about their lives and about any question we asked. What a great experience. There is so much that happens behind the scenes on these ships to make sure we all have a great vacation. The tour is fairly active and NOT handicapped accessible. But man, if you can do it, DO IT! No part of the tour was boring and I gained a real appreciation for what happens every day. If anything, I feel like this makes me want to give a lot more in tips. And I did. I gave my room steward a little extra and I gave some to a few fun squad folks who rocked. I used to work on big science vessels so seeing how this one operated was cool for me. I loved seeing the engine control room and talking to the engineers about the water makers and some other neat stuff on the ship. The folks who work in these positions are no dummies.
  19. Here's a picture I took walking up to the pier on the way out. I think it's pretty cool to see these bit boats all together. Yeah I called them boats. Just waiting for someone to fight me about it. OH! Before I forget, here's some more really ugly art. And the self-serve beer machine on Lido. I never saw anyone use it I don't even know if anyone knew it was there. You pay by the ounce. I think it was 40¢ an ounce. That makes about $4.80 for the equivalent of a bottle of beer. I think the beer in the bars is cheaper, no? Entertainment the last day was this ventriloquist. He was awful. I talked about him in an earlier post. I feel bad for him his material was so bad. I did get a neat picture of another cruise ship passing us in the night. passing... like ships in the night.... (isn't there a song like that?) Here's tonight's dinner menu. I got the spring rolls. They were alright. Nothing special. No photos because they didn't look all that special and my wife has started making fun of me for all the photos I take of food. I'm a Google local guide, so I use them to get points, but I think she's had her fill of my obsessive food photos. My wife had the shrimp cocktail as usual and the greek salad. I actually can't remember if I ate any vegetables this week. I don't think I did. I'm cool with it. I ordered the lamb shank. I really liked it. It was super tender and I really liked it. I'm a big fan of lamb. I make it at home all the time. I can attest to this being pretty darn good lamb. If I hadn't been eating like a frikking hog all week, I'd have ordered two. But I seriously over ate this week. I still feel sick thinking about it. And I regret only ordering one order of lamb. My wife also had the tortilla soup and the veal parm. It was ok.
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