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  1. I almost can’t believe it, but I finally got my refund. It took 136 DAYS from the time I canceled my June 6 Vista cruise to actually getting the $3,500 in my bank account. Here’s two things I learned the hard way: There’s no such thing as “patience and understanding” when dealing with a multi-billion-dollar corporation. Instead of waiting out the 90 days patiently, I should have been calling at regular intervals and (politely) demanding my money. Carnival said one reason my refund took so long was that “it kept getting skipped over somehow.” It didn’t even enter processing until I
  2. I’m a longtime reader of the CC boards, but I’ve never had a reason to post until now. I called in mid-March to cancel my June 6 cruise aboard the Vista. Although I was originally told to expect all my cruise fare back within two weeks, I patiently waited the 90 days from my cancellation. On day 92, I called my TA, Costco, and they talked to Carnival and told me that while the cruise line was “no longer giving guidance” on wait times, a note about my case had been sent to the “accounting department.” We’re now past 110 days from the time of my original cancelation, and I called C
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