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  1. I've now had 4 carnival cruises cancelled. The first was a 7 day last April and they gave me a $600 OBC. The second was a 5 day and when it was cancelled my OBC dropped to $300. So I lost some of the original $600 OBC by the length of my second cancelled cruise. I guess the solution to this problem is to quit trying to cruise from ports I can drive to and instead fly to where the big ships are. (with my smaller OBC)
  2. First, Guy's Burger and fries because we starve ourselves pre-cruise. But the big thing I personally look forward to on day one is having a Flat Iron Steak in the MDR that evening. I know it's a lesser cut of meat, but every Carnival ship I've been on does it great and I really look forward to it. Least favorite day one: Muster drill, because of all the self important people that are to cool to just show up so all the rest of us can stand around waiting for them...
  3. I hope a few of the Fantasy class ships stay in service. Our closest port is Mobile and they are a good fit for us and that area. Smaller ports can support this class. Currently we are booked in 2021 on the Sensation. We have sailed on the Fantasy and the Elation and loved our time onboard.
  4. We had an April 5 cruise scheduled. The very day I got the email, I filled out the form for a full refund. Fast fwd to last week. I finally snapped and decided to call CCL on Tuesday. A very nice and helpful lady informed me that my refund had just been authorized that very day, and I would be seeing it hit my MC in the next couple of days. Now it's Monday. Still nothing. Was she telling the truth, or did she say what I wanted to hear to get me off the phone?
  5. As a side note, having a 12 pack of water waiting in your room on boarding day is the best deal $$ wise on the entire ship. Save the bottles, and refill them with the 2 big bottles of water they give you. That will just about cover a 6-7 day cruise for two.
  6. I have found half and half at every Lido on every ship we've been on. Sitting on the aft area of Lido, cup of coffee in hand, watching the sun come up, makes me not really care how good or bad the coffee might be. All is right in my world at that moment.
  7. It's the best burger for miles and miles. It's greasy, yet dry. It's fast food, yet gourmet. It's a terrible wait in a long line, yet you get a burger pretty fast. I'm about 40 days away from one right now.
  8. A year ago there was an article about Mobile. Parking is the issue. Limited parking means none of the bigger ships, and just one ship working the port. Mobile is the closest port to me.
  9. Just to start a rumor, I think the Fantasy will go get balconies and upgrades (dry dock) like some of the other Fantasy class ships have. We are very happy with the option of balconies on a ship out of Mobile. This is a win for me.
  10. When we search for and book a cruise, our #1 priority is one of the 3 Dream class ships.
  11. When my wife and I cruise, I'm the early riser, she likes to sleep a bit. So in the mornings the chat is our way to find each other to start our day. It works great and is worth the $5 each.
  12. I love cruising. Any cruise. The closest port to me is Mobile, so I have cruised from there on the Fantasy. It is a good ship. It's called little, but there is lots of room and it doesn't feel crowded at all to me. Bottom line: if you look for rust you will find rust, even on a new ship. If you look to be offended or disappointed you will be offended and or disappointed. But if you are looking for a quick little trip to have fun, guess what, you will have fun.
  13. First day I always buy a big coffee mug in the fun shop and then carry it around full of coffee all week.
  14. Just one thing, if you are taking a "Carnival" excursion you will meet up and take a tender in with your excursion group, not one of the first off. So in that case the FTTF is not helpful. I've done FTTF, and I've not done it. It is hit and miss for really helping.
  15. I don't cruise for a specific brand of coke. I cruise for sun ups viewed from the aft Lido with a bad cup of coffee. I cruise for some of the best people watching this side of Walmart. I cruise for the ability to shut my brain down and let others do all the planning, driving, cooking, and cleaning. Coke or Pepsi, it's all just coke and something fizzy to drink.
  16. [Insert sound of high frequency squeal]
  17. A comfortable pair of sketchers is what was on my feet.
  18. I carry two pocketknives on a cruise. My EDC, a Benchmade mini-griptillian, and a smaller Case that I carry off when in port. What do I use them for? Normal stuff, clean my fingernails, cut my flat iron steak, pick my teeth, clean the toilet, and anything else that comes along.
  19. Mobile has a fairly swift boarding system so it is fast even without priority. We have had times of about 30 minutes from car to ship.
  20. Just a point of clarification from my above post. Where I'm from, the south, Pepsi and any other fizzy drink is referred to as coke. So when I say I can't buy coke (little c) that means both Coke and Pepsi. We always buy a 6 pack of non denominational soda to have in our room as a daily balcony treat.
  21. I always order coke and water online about a month before our cruise. Has something changed? Edit: I just went to my cruise manager, and wow, I can't buy coke. I can buy water, juice, beer, and other stuff, but no coke. As a grumpy old man, I can say with all honesty that I hate change.
  22. The "search this forum" feature is your friend. Use your friend. And pack a cheap 12' cord. And spend $3 on distilled water if you don't want to use tap. And carry it on if you don't want to pack it in your luggage. And use the search feature for hundreds of other pieces of CPAP insight.
  23. Wow. Thank you for the explanation of what my CPAP does. And here I thought it was just a fashion accessory. In 10 years of using a CPAP, work travel all over the world, and many cruises I have never had a problem with it getting damaged or lost in my luggage. But to the OP, if you feel safer carrying it on, then do it. Carnival is very easy to work with at check in.
  24. I think it's $3 for a gallon. Ask at the desk or your steward. The tap water is super processed so distilled doesn't buy you much.
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