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  1. I just got off a cruise in January with royal and I have another booked with royal in march comped from urcomped so I think it depends on your play. Also before I took the January cruise I took another cruise in October that I paid for and became prime so that's 3 cruises in less than a year with them.
  2. As someone said above. The certificate you recieved is not for any cruise you want but for any of the cruises listed on the back of certificate. If you choose not to use on one of the cruise on the back there is a trade in value that can go toward the cruise of your choice. I know the inside certificates have a $500 trade in. Also I dont believe a regular royal reservation agent can book this which is where the confusion probably was. You needed to call the casino royale number to book.
  3. I cant view mine either, so I doubt it's for an upgrade since all of us are having the same issue
  4. I wonder what hurricane that was. I remember around that time going through around 3 big hurricanes
  5. It was funny looking at my past cruises and seeing this. So long ago!
  6. I was told the opposite. I sail march 31st and because the cruise ends after April 1st, the points earned on this cruise would be for the next cycle which would begin April April 1st 2020-march 31st 2021
  7. The problem is you can only buy 1 package per person so you wouldnt br able to run through 20-30k promo chips. Biggest package is 2k and I went through them in an hour playing blackjack
  8. With booking through urcomp yiu get free drinks in the casino for you and your guest. If they have a lot of urcomp members on the cruise they will set up events as well. Went on a urcomp trip for new years and we had a cocktail event with appetizers and champagne to meet the host and other people involved with the casino. We also had a slot tournament set up just for us and separate raffles. I actually won 2 of the raffles for $200. Taking my second urcomp cruise in March.
  9. Went through the 2200 promo chips in about an hour. Played $25 hands. Got $2000 worth In green $25 chips and the $200 free chips in red $5 chips. At the end of the promo chips I cashed in $2150 real chips so a $150 profit. It was worth it to me and easy to get rid of the promo chips. The lowest blackjack table was $15 min the entire cruise, I saw craps get down to $5. As soon as I got the chips I kept $500 to play and took the $1700 to the room safe. I went through the $500 quick and just brought the rest down after that. Was never worried about getting mugged lol as someone said I was more worried about dropping the chips. Just make sure every time you win you put the real chips aside and keep playing the promo chips.
  10. Yeah I'll be there and the cocktail party at 5
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