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  1. We asked for a full refund for a May 1 cruise. We had also booked air and excursions through NCL and had over $15K invested in our trip. We received a full refund earlier this week and I am very relieved! The refund was several weeks before we expected it. I hope the itinerary we booked will be available sometime in the future.
  2. I’m so thankful that we took a lot of wonderful cruises before this all happened and we love cruising! I am guessing it will be at least a year before we feel safe cruising again, if then. Sad.
  3. With our May 1 cruise (which has been canceled) we had booked air thru NCL. We had planned to go three days before the cruise to Rome and we’re staying two days after in Amsterdam. We also had purchased the transfers and hotels thru NCL. No problem with changing the air travel so we would have more time pre and post. Not sure if that was your question, but just trying to help.
  4. Our May 1 cruise from Rome, including Spain, France, Etc. hadn’t been canceled yet, but we sure as h*** won’t be going. Italy? Spain? I don’t think so. Open in May? No way.
  5. This is BS. If they have to cancel, we should get our money back. Any lawyers out there?
  6. It’s a lot of money to us. My point is that they can’t uphold their part of the contract, as they will not be able to cruise anywhere in the next couple of months. Class action?
  7. I just know that we won’t freaking be cruising from Rome and stopping in Florence and touring in Spain, etc. any time in the near future. NCL needs to cancel their cruises for at least April and May and give us our money back. They can’t give us the cruise we paid for, obviously. Do the right thing, NCL.
  8. We are booked on this same cruise. Since travel from the US is now level 4 and NCL has nowhere to visit, they are not able to uphold their end of the contract, so I assume they will have no choice except to cancel. The way they handle this will certainly help my decision about ever cruising with them again. This cruise was to celebrate our 50th anniversary 😞
  9. I didn’t realize you could do that. Do I can go ahead and cancel extras now and get a cash refund? Doing that today! Thanks for the info.
  10. 45 days - leaving from Rome. Waiting patiently for NCL to cancel, because this obviously isn’t going to happen. We booked a long time ago and this was our dream vacation to celebrate our 50th anniversary. Bummer.
  11. We sail May 1 out of Rome. Holding out for them to cancel.
  12. I read that guests are responsible for paying their own expenses while being quarantined on board.
  13. My husband wants to cancel. I want to go really bad, but reality is hitting. This cruise was to celebrate our 50th anniversary and we have been planning it for a year. We are booked on the May 1 out of Rome. I am afraid we may not have a choice soon except to cancel. Even the Sistine Chapel has closed until April 3. I am afraid that if we chose to go, we will take the chance that none of the ports will want cruise passengers to get off the ship. I feel awful for the travel industry. I’m just really bummed ☹️
  14. We are booked on a 14 day out of Rome in May. No plans to cancel as we are fully paid and not interested in losing money. Going to Rome early and staying a few days at our last port. Unless our trip gets canceled by NCL, we are fine with it. On a separate note, I have a friend who traveled home to New York last night after spending three months in northern Italy. Direct flight from Milan to JFK and he had NO health checks in either country, NO stops by Customs, NO quarantine if any kind. And they wonder why this virus is spreading. Our government isn’t doing anything.
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