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  1. 1lizette1

    Carnival Excursions website down?

    I am always hesitant to clear data etc because I usually somehow end up clearing passwords etc and have a heck of a time. Maybe I'll just be more careful and do it like you've said. Thanks
  2. 1lizette1

    Carnival Excursions website down?

    I use Chrome as well and I have such problems on the Carnival site especially the FAQs but if I switch to Internet Explorer it works fine. Amazon Assistant? I have that as well...... off to figure out how to disable the assistant that I never use anyway lol
  3. 1lizette1

    Carnival Excursions website down?

    I can't say about booking but I am able to look through and click on different excursions
  4. Why? Is it because it was too cold at the beginning? Any other reasons? I'm asking because we're from Toronto and we're looking into a Baltimore sailing but if there are enough "cons" then we'll cough up the extra $$ and fly to Florida
  5. 1lizette1

    Wow! Big mistake--Learn from me

    I too did not know this. I assumed it was 60 days for all cruises. Good to know. OP, sorry this happened to you. I'm glad you were able to rebook
  6. Sailing on the Victory. Having a bottle of gin delivered to our room and we're bringing a case of cans of tonic. What is the best way to get some sliced lime? Should we order some through room service? Or do you think they'd give us some at one of the bars?
  7. 1lizette1

    Travel Insurance Question

    I use the same company that we have our car and house insurance with. I usually try and look it up elsewhere, get overwhelmed then end up buying it through them anyway. lol
  8. 1lizette1

    ships and planes

    We recently used the Fly2Fun program. I liked most of it, especially the part about how Carnival booked everything (insurance as well). Therefore if there was any problem I can call them. But, the thing I really didn't like was that the flight was not finalized until after the cruise final payment due date (60 days before sailing) plus I couldn't access anything to do with my flight until 11 days after that! So I had to wait until 48 days before our cruise before I could go onto airline website (in our case it was Delta) and choose seats etc. I found this waiting made me very anxious. I like to be in the know about everything right from the start. If I chose to use Fly2Fun again at least I know what to expect. Lastly, no Carnival reps (that I spoke to) know much of anything about Fly2Fun. Even the friendly folks at the Fly2Fun extension don't know a ton about it. Not sure I'd ever book using it again. And that first post talks about upgrading to a different class in the flight, you need to call the airline with your ticket number. What it fails to mention is that you won't get a ticket number until 48 days before sailing.
  9. I agree with serene56, go by booking time just in case a website is wrong.
  10. Trying to decide if we should rent a room at La Quinta Inn & Suites Miami Airport East - 3501 Northwest 42nd Avenue (I have already booked a room but there is free cancellation) and use their shuttle plus use Uber to go wherever the shuttle doesn't go. Or if we should try and find an AirBnB and rent a car (then use Uber to get us from car rental place to cruise). We arrive around noon the day before our cruise. What is it like driving around Miami and area? We're pretty seasoned drivers but I don't want the stress of driving somewhere that is very confusing or difficult to find parking etc.
  11. I am loving your review! Thank you so much for taking the time to write it all out. We are going on the Victory on Dec 3rd
  12. I can't find it either way. Could it be because I'm in Canada?
  13. 1lizette1


    Keep checking. My Dec 2018 cruise was 10+ available for weeks then all of a sudden it was sold out. Couple days later there were 2 available then sold out again. It seems to change quite frequently Have you checked for the FTTF in the homeport excursions? I'm just making sure you know the correct place to watch for it
  14. I learned not to wait until I got home after the cruise to call Carnival about the excursion we had. Bright side is that they gave us a partial refund for the excursion in OBC to be used on a future cruise. If I had only gone to the excursion desk during the cruise they would have given OBC and I could have used it then. But that just means I now have to book another cruise so I can use the OBC. Aww that's a shame lol
  15. 1lizette1

    Place saver sign for Lido restaurant

    OP, place a couple of personal items on the table (book & a sweater?). Try and get your meal and come back to table as soon as possible. As for people posting that they would rip up a sign etc, just remember that everyone is dealing with their own things/issues. Perhaps the sign is there because the guest is mobility impaired or blind? Although I think there might be better ( or less "I'm entitled" looking) ways to reserve a seat or table, I just move on and find a table that's not occupied.