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  1. On Seranade in may most of the staff we were in contact with were very friendly , our steward and all around our cabin were very pleasant and helpfull , restaurant staff if anything were abit over talkative for me , if i did find anyone that could of been more pleasant it was the bar staff , and we were paying for drink no package!!!
  2. Hi We did the Norweigen fjords on seranade this year and it was great , great views even from the dining room while eating . I live in Spain and booked directly with their spanish office , we do get price drops in Spain i got one !! we booked well in advance and choose cabin 8020 , booked around august 2018 at good price , got price drop in november and sailing was end may 2019 .
  3. Always wash the odd t shirt or small things in bottom of shower with shower gel or shampoo ,on our cruise purposely took some pegs and pegged them on back of chair on balcony overnight.
  4. this evening my daughter said i could just eat one of those ceasar salads i had on the cruise (seranade may ) so i guess she was impressed with the food , i must say food was much better than i expected it to be .just wondering if anyone has any ideas of comparison of food on MSC versus Royal ?
  5. I had registered a cash account , and on final day i went to guest relations and paid my account and it showed the cash going off my prepaid card , that evening i spent about 50 dollars , surprising thing was overnight my card was charged those 50 dollars and again the amount i had already paid so double the amount was blocked of my card , i thought in a couple of days it would then be available but i think it took about 20 days , in my case was not an issue but other people could have difficulties i had other cards i could use.
  6. yes i was very surprised our cruise in may seemed to leave every stop beforethe departure time!!
  7. Hi i live in Mallorca and it's quite easy to get from Barcelona to Mallorca but many flights are full , the flights are cheap with ryanair but booking in advance i would think it is risky expecting to get availability on the day , only option for me would be booking a barcelona - mallorca flight now in case you need it , also if you are checking in luggage will put the price up , ferry would be an option and you would arrive at the port so would save the 20 min drive from airport to port but also take into consideration ferry crossings can be cancelled due to bad weather . The other more expensive airlines might have availabilty on the day but cost could be high , i personally wouldnt risk it , i would fly in to barcelona the day before even if cost you more in the end it could get expensive going from Barcelona to Mallorca , please ask if you have any questions .
  8. Hi i have been looking at a cruise out of venice that stops at split and dubrovnik , i found the rhapsody cruise first week in sep 2020 but looking at the dubrovnik stop i think it was only from 12,30 - 18,30 and if we have to be back an hour before i'm not sure its going to give us much time see much , also is there anywhere where i can check if the stops are docked and walk off or tender . We were on Seranade in norway in may and we were on the floating dock so had no problems but there a a ncl ship in and the waiting line to get back on ship by tender went all round the small village !!
  9. No and i did wonder if this was why she said no ,i had no drink package and had pre paid tips .
  10. Hi i ordered a piña colada at the bar nearest the pool tables on serenade a couple of week ago , next evening went to the same bar and same girl said sorry i can't make it , i was quite taken back by the way she said it and did'nt believe her , went to another bar slightly farther away and got it no problem , but must say i was quite dissapointed at her attitude .
  11. We asked steward and he said we could use cabin till 8.30 so we left out luggage there had breakfast about 7.30 went back to cabin picked luggage up and self disembarked, a couple of weeks ago on seranade.
  12. Hi we were on Seranade last week we had no noise in cabin 8020 but each time we left the centrum we mentioned how much noise the first cabins along there must have . we had a great time and really enjoyed out trip !!
  13. Much appreciated , i hope the weather improves for you !!!
  14. Thanks for all this info , we are sailing Baltic cruise next week not on the same ship but info on what goes on in Europe is good , if you have a chance could you look at prices of bottles of red wine in dining room? I live in Spain but i'm from Cornwall too . Enjoy your holiday xx
  15. I would also try and see a doctor onshore before you board ,are you sure you dont have any credit card cover by the card you paid for your holiday? That would cover you for onshore consultation.
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