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  1. That's the conclusion I came too, especially with 4 bottles. Thanks for the replies, didn't want to get to the Terminal and have to make luggage adjustments.
  2. We are bringing the maximum bottles of wine allowed, 4 (we have two staterooms, with 1 adult staying in each room). I plan on placing the 4 bottles of wine & 12 cans of soda inside a wine/liquor box, unsealed with out staterooms numbers displayed. I plan to just carry it until our stateroom us ready. Would this be allowed?
  3. How do the beds come arranged? If we want them turned into a king bed, inform the stateroom attendant? We have two rooms, my wife is checked to one room with kid; I am checked to the other room with other kid, so I imagine both rooms will have the beds separated upon arrival?
  4. I believe this was debunked in another thread, pictures are not displayed when Sea Pass's are scanned/used. Can anyone confirm or deny? Or does it depend on the Ship?
  5. Thanks for the reply, we will adhere to that advice 🙂
  6. Anytime after 1p would be recommended to board for limited wait times (LOS)?
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