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  1. Read this last night and had a mild panic. I am cruising Alaska on the Legend May 28 thru June 4th. Man I hope they don't leave us in Victoria. I might just end up liking Canada enough to stay.
  2. Hi all, So 3 of the four people in our room will be VIFP Red, as such we are supposed to be given a large water bottle for our super awesome perk. Will we get three bottles or just two for the first two booked? It is a seven day cruise if that helps. Thanks!
  3. I am so excited to follow your trip! I, too am traveling on the Legend to Alaska only a few weeks later, May 28 to June 4th. So please give me all the tips! Also, we are the same age so that makes me excited for your opinions.
  4. Thanks everyone. I just wish I knew for certain. I might have to call Carnival. Anyone got the number for Canada? (Kidding)
  5. Pekineselady, that was my understanding too. Carnival''s website is less than helpful. It looks like he might have to decide if he wants to do the Skagway excursion or renew his passport and get to see Canada. His dad is willing to for go the Skagway excursion renew his passport too and take him into Canada. We are not doing the train to the Yukon. Seems like it doesn't matter though and we need passports for Victoria regardless. I mean it is Canada and we are not citizens of that country so it makes sense. Thanks all! And I will look into the card vs. book. (Card is only good for Mexico and Canada, right?)
  6. I just paid off our Carnival cruise to Alaska. I am saving diligently for our excursions now and I have the inevitable passport question. My oldest(8) passport expires but he really wants to say he has been to Canada. I know when we have done Caribbean Cruises in the past as long as it was a closed loop cruise from the US a passport was not required to experience a foreign port of call. We are not taking the train in Skagway. I know if we miss the ship coming back from our time in Victoria we will have a huge problem, but if all my kids have is birth certificates will Carnival let us back on or even off at all? I know the many advantages to having a passport especially in a foreign country. If I get their passports renewed and in one case get a brand new one we cannot afford our Skagway excursion. He just wants to walk around and says he's been. Anyone? Thanks in advance
  7. I booked an inside room on the Legend for Alaska. I got the upsell e-mail today for a balcony. The rest of my family is deck 6 forward I would be deck 7 aft. Is deck 6 or 7 any different for views? Should you be closer to the water or higher up for views? Also I know aft can sometimes see the wake, that doesn't super appeal to me, any other differences? Thanks.
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