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  1. Well at this point I think anything goes - we have had cheap jewelry, face cream and curlers and the six ft tree. Possibly time to make sure this sail goes down with the best Howdy Doody ever.
  2. Oh believe me I will be down on Deck 7 spreading some Xmas cheer and maybe distributing some gifts ! in 2017 at Xmas, our hosted table decided that we would do secret Santa. $10 limit. We would exchange the gifts on NYE as we all requested we be at the same table again. It was so funny - you can imagine the absolute tat we purchased with our $10. Anyway come NYE we all exchanged gifts - One lady nearly passed out as she opened hers to be greeted with a Cartier box! Inside was the cheapest tackiest shell necklace - its was hilarious, we were all in our finery and looking so proper and we were opening these tacky gifts. I laugh every time I think about it - what a fabulous night! The howdy Doody seems like it should be top of my social colander. Time to start planning I think.
  3. Thats Silverseas little trick...
  4. Howdy Doody party? Wait I missed out. Bummer . We will be up in the spa suites - want be much of a howdy doody party with only 4 suites. I respectfully request we crash the party on a different deck. Or wait - why doesn't everyone come up to our deck? Might be tight but we have an extended balcony. Might get some help with decorating the Xmas tree as Hubby suddenly finds something else to do at that point - lol!
  5. Hi Sailing with Seabourn out of San Juan this Xmas - the boat docks back into Miami on Jan 4th. We are flying from MIA to San Juan the night before we set sail. We would like to park at the port and cab to MIA so the car is in situ for our return. Can I do this seeing as the ship is not actually leaving from the port in Miami ( only returning there two weeks later?) If so which terminal shall I park at ? If I park at the wrong one is there a shuttle between terminals? For the outbound part: Is there cabs readily available or shuttles to MIA from the port on embarkation day? Sorry for the questions but we have only done Florida to Florida cruises before.
  6. Thanks . I checked it out - they look amazing, we are so looking forward to it.
  7. Isklaar, 2017 you say? Thats the cruise we were on - we had the best time - best cruise we have ever done. You may remember seeing us onboard. English couple - we had a six ft tree in the suite - which we had Nick and Jo from Customer relations fetch from our room and put it at the head of our hosted table on Xmas Evening and NY Eve. We had such a great night on both of those hosted table events. Possible we were a tad loud as we all were up for s party - such fun and lasting memories. maybe look us up if you are on our sailing - we love to meet people! This year we still intend to bring the tree - its not Xmas without it ! Even if we have to fly it out to San Juan. LOL
  8. You are correct - I am paying the same price for a penthouse spa suite as I was on Silverseas in a V3 cabin. Apart from that the cruise consultant has totally lost my business - only interested when I am waving my CC in front of him - other than that he was on the missing list - oh well he lost $22k sailing because of his attitude.
  9. Hi - Thanks for the info - the BBQ last time we were at Carambola Beach was set up with a large white Marquee with lots of dishes to choose from with the wonderful huge lobsters that were steamed on the grill and in endless supply. My hubby loved that! - we just caught that bit after our tour - the caviar in the surf we missed 😞
  10. Hi everyone, Just cancelled my Xmas cruise with Silverseas ( long story). Booked for Xmas 2019 on the Sojourn San Juan to Miami on 21 Dec. I have some questions regarding suite. We have decided to try the Penthouse Spa suite, instead of our usual Penthouse suite. Has anyone got any pics of this suite or have any reviews I could look at? My consultant is great but she can't find any videos or pics either. She has explained that basically the suite is about 100 sq ft bigger than the regular penthouse, plus the balcony is bigger and you have unlimited access to the serene area plus a spa concierge?? I guess that they can get me into appointments and arrange my treatments etc. Also "healthy snacks and drinks" in a second fridge . I guess one appeal is that these four suites are secluded as far as you can only get to them via the stairs within the spa. Any experience of this suite would be great. A few other questions: Xmas Day we are doing Carambola Beach. They are offering tours on that day as well - one I particularly want to do so was wondering if that's the day they will do Caviar in the Surf? Don't want to miss that as we missed it last time. Would they also do the BBQ in the marquee with the lobster ( husband asking) Also does anyone know if they will do the hosted dinners like before on Xmas Day and NY Eve? I am a vegetarian ( newbie) should I speak with the chef onboard regarding menu choices? I ask as Silverseas last Xmas thought it was acceptable to give me a tomato and a couple slices of veg for my Xmas Dinner...... not kidding :-) Lastly, I am flying out of Miami to meet the ship in San Juan. Will I be able to leave my car at the port of Miami so its in situ for when I disembark or will I have to leave it at the airport and then cab to from Port back to the airport upon my return?
  11. Hi, I can't seem to get hold of my silverseas rep so heres a simple question. As a newbie vegetarian do I need to tell them ahead of time of my dietary requirements? I would prefer to eat Vegan on board but vegetarian option will suffice. Also do they have drinks in the suite? On Seabourn they asked us our preference prior to sailing. Thanks Sarah
  12. Ok - How do I book dinner reservations for the holiday cruise? Do I do it onboard or in advance? Thinking of Xmas Eve, Xmas Day and NYE. Which restaurant do I need to be in for the best menu and atmosphere? Only really just thought about it - am I too late? Thanks
  13. Hi everyone - we have just booked the 14 night Spirit Christmas cruise leaving on the 21st Dec. We have gone for the verandah suite on deck 9 - we chose that because we wanted a deck with fewer rooms on it - originally we were going to be midship deck 8. Really excited to try Silverseas - last Christmas we were on the Seabourn Sojourn and LOVED it - we loved the smaller ship compared to the big cruise lines, and also the more intimate service that the smaller boats offer. Anyone have any tips or advice for this first timer? Would the dress code be similar to Seabourn? Anyone have any experiences to share on the type of thing we can look forward to being a Christmas Cruise? Thanks Sarah
  14. Hi It’s the Silverseas Spirit on a two week Caribbean cruise. We had 2 formal nights on the Seabourn cruise which was also a two week cruise in the Caribbean over Christmas. Of course it was always fairly dressy on other nights -def no shorts after six pm . Ladies wearing cruise casual or better and gents in anything from slacks to suits. When you say dressier could you give me an idea? I also heard silverseas rooms are smaller than Seabourn? Thanks for your help in advance Sarah
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