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  1. Anything by Greg Iles And another vote for Carl Hiaasen
  2. The 11.50$/day suggested amount is peanuts compared to what you get. It would still be worth it even for mediocre service. Even if you only eat at the buffet, they still clear tables, refill drinks, restock food, cook to order in some cases, etc. That alone is worth a measly two bucks a meal. It's a hassle for the crew to deal with large quantities of cash. Just prepay the amount and give a few extra in cash if warranted. These "I swear I give the suggested amount for everyone in my family but I just pay in cash at the end" people are full of it. Otherwise why is it such a big deal? There are many deserving people who aren't customer facing who still deserve their small share.
  3. You will get mixers, but with a table, you will need several bottle minimum as well as bottle service fee, entertainment fee, tax, tip, and whatever else the house decides to charge you.
  4. And the cruise prices will go up. Back to the OP, 75$ for a 1 liter bottle of Kettle One isn't that out of line. Sure you can go to the corner dive bar and get a Happy Hour well drink for 3 bucks, but people complaining about drink prices on a Carnival Cruise don't get out much.. A Martini in any nice bar or restaurant is going to be at least 8-10$ and up depending where it is. Prices of 15-20$ each at hotel bars is the norm. A beer at a sporting event or concert is around 7$, a bottle of 750ml mid shelf at a club in Vegas is going to be at least 400$. Carnival's BV and bar prices are a pretty good deal for now considering they have you trapped and could charge way more knowing people would still pay it.
  5. Wow, that thing looks clunky. For the cost of that and the accessories, you could get a 1080 HD camcorder with way better optical zoom, will fit in your pocket and takes only one hand to operate with no need for a tripod.
  6. I have seen these things at Target called wine cubes. They are like a wine box but way smaller. They still hold either 2 or 4 bottles of wine depending on which size you get. These would take up way less space in your luggage than a standard box. I have only seen these at Target so far.
  7. I want to book early to get a good rate. The second passenger may change. Can I add their name after booking and just have a placeholder in the reservation for the other person? Calling later tonight to ask just wondering if anyone has done this?
  8. I took a watertight backpack and took out the DSLR when needed. I could have climbed the whole way without it getting wet, but there is a chance and it's nice to have both hands free. Make sure it's a legitimate dry bag and not some basic waterproof backpack.
  9. Also interested in this and if there is a formal night on the Liberty 4 night cruise.
  10. I've been checking out some last minute deals which are looking good. I'm wondering how late I can book. A week out? I have air already covered so no problem there. Can I print out everything I need without having to wait for anything mailed? Thanks
  11. I swear by ginger. No weird side effects, and doesn't make you tired. Get the 500 MG ginger root pills and start taking them now. Get some ginger tea that contains real ginger and drink a cup in the morning or night and continue to take the pills. This will also cover you for small boat excursions which will make you sick more than a ship will. I also think there is a mental aspect to this as well. If you keep telling yourself that you are going to get sick, you probably will. It's not that bad.
  12. http://www.thinktankphoto.com makes some good quality bags. I have the Urban Disguise 50 which I can carry a D300, D70s, 70-200 2.8, 18-50 2.8, 50 1.8 SB-800, Laptop, and enough cards, batteries, filters etc. This bag can be worn messenger style. I prefer my Dakine Sequence for freedom of movement, but I use the UD 50 when I want a stealth look bag and need to carry a laptop.
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