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  1. Ok, thx. Yes, the O coffee bar is placed just right!
  2. I am glad to hear that the safe is lower. Just got off Marina last month, and the safe was too high for me (5’2”).
  3. We are in the same ‘boat’, except are past the contemplating stage since we must get back to Australia. Will book the Regatta Sydney round trip on Wednesday. We’ve sailed Riviera and Marina, and really love Baristas and the Illy Frozen Cremas. I see on Regatta the coffee bar is part of the GDR bar, how does it compare?
  4. We exited Marina last month in Miami. I believe the transfers to the airport were $60. We opted instead to get a taxi, which was $20 for three of us, with much luggage! Plenty of cabs were available, so we didn’t wait long. I did notice some O ‘transfer’ buses with people lined up outside for quite awhile. We rarely pay for ‘O’ transfers unless port is a considerable distance from the airport with no good local options.
  5. This is a great review of ‘new’ Regatta and New Zealand. We are anxiously awaiting the listing of the Regatta 2021 Australia circumnavigation cruise and I’ve been eager to see how she looks. Have visited Sydney and Melbourne, can’t wait to get back. I love your pix of NZ, we road-tripped both north and south islands in 2017. Hobbiton is a MUST, the Coramondel peninsula is gorgeous, as is Milford Sound, Queenstown, and Mt. Cook. It’s one of the best countries on the planet.
  6. We also just returned from Marina’s PC transit: loved the B3 deck 7 aft rooms, with an extended Balcony. Could just about touch the side of the locks, and it was fascinating, all 6 times, to watch us raise up and lower to each one. Early in the am we were up on Deck 14 so we could watch the approach and also get a glimpse of the new locks up and off the port side (we approached from the Pacific). We ordered breakfast in the room at 8:30 am, timed so we could eat while going through the locks.
  7. He was serving as GM on our Panama Canal trip that ended in Miami on 1/22. Ot sure if he will still be aboard next month.
  8. We just sailed sister ship Marina through the Panama Canal, deck 7 aft, in an extended balcony, category B3. Really great! I think there are about 10 rooms each side forward and aft like this. You just need to check the deck plan map, the balconies are shown to extend further than neighboring ones. The only issue is that when you are in the outer section of these balconies, those on decks above can look down on you. I didn’t care (made sure I was clothed!) and during the daylight full transit it was amazing.
  9. Just got off the Marina Panama Canal transit. Waves usually opened by 7:30. The grill there is just as good as in Terrace, all the fruit and pastries there, along with the great smoothie bar (which becomes the ice cream bar by lunchtime). Population for breakfast in Waves usually less than in Terrace.
  10. The last three mornings we waited close to ten minutes for a table setting for three, I saw only two supervisors working the port side tables. Then we waited another ten minutes for juice and coffee. The juice order was delivered incorrectly all three mornings. Agreed, this is quite unusual, perhaps there were other staffing issues between Terrace and GDR. Thus was our second cruise with O and definitely not our last, probably just an abberation.
  11. My DH and DS and I also thoroughly enjoyed the cruise. Even though Marina is headed into dry dock in a few months, she looks terrific. We boarded in San Antonio. Lima was wonderful, we found a great local foodie tour. Panama Old Town was fascinating as well as the Miraflores Locks Museum. We picked this itinerary because of the full day stop in Panama City before the full day transit, which was quite amazing. The food in all dining venues was as usual superb. We only noticed some service challenges at breakfast in Terrace Cafe.
  12. We also encountered unpleasant weather conditions on Marina coming out of the Panama Canal on Jan 14. The crew tried but we could not dock in Puerto Limon Costa Rica. It poured most of the morning in Roatan, we docked but no snorkeling. I had a sunny snorkeling tour out from Harvest Caye (Belize) but it poured on our little boat and group of 30 most of the way back and the hour I spent waiting for the tender back to the ship. I had a Reef Restoration tour scheduled in Cozumel but the NonProfit org called the ship to cancel due to rough seas. It was cloudy, cold and seas were very rough the whole day and night from Cozumel back to Miami. Locals were a bit surprised that the December rainy season had continued into January.
  13. This topic has indeed been discussed to the max. However, to extend the BYOB idea a bit further: when possible we buy a bottle or two when in a local port; take it to the room, where a bottle opener is conveniently provided; and using wine glasses we’ve collected from a function the first day or two of the cruise (captain’ party) fill them and proceed to dinner. No one blinks an eye.
  14. We just returned from Marina’s trip through the Panama Canal. Having an extra large balcony was amazing for the full daylight transit. It’s great for three or four people. It was aft and the seas the last few days coming into Miami were exceptionally rough. I was glad for my ginger candy chews. There is also considerable engine noise when docking, which usually happens early am and can be sleep disturbing. 7 Aft is indeed great for GDR access, or anything else on Decks 5&6. It’s also a straight shot up to the Terrace and Waves grills, and the coffee bar. Overall, a great deal for trips with lots of warm weather and port days.
  15. Oceania Marina has offered it, I’m signed up for our stop in January as it benefits a local nonprofit working on reef restoration. Will post afterwards.
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