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  1. Oceania Marina has offered it, I’m signed up for our stop in January as it benefits a local nonprofit working on reef restoration. Will post afterwards.
  2. My family is cruising the Panama Canal on Oceania Marina in January. Then we stop at HC. Thanks to the wealth of info here and TripAdvisor, we decided to stay on the island, especially after O offered a snorkel trip out to a reef. I did reserve it and a lagoon kayak hour as early possible as they went quickly. I do wonder why you can’t pay for food and drink and charge to your room, assuming everything is so ‘captive’. That would be most convenient. Glad it’s free to use the pool, at least.
  3. Stopping there on Oceania Marina in January. At first I wasn’t thrilled as I didn’t want to be ‘captive’ on a man-made resort with few options. We rarely do ship’s tours in favor of locals. But after much research I’ve seen some good reviews, most likely directly related to the above. I was going to get a ferry off the island but we’ll take a ship’s tour out to a reef and kayak in the lagoon.
  4. That Is interesting! We are full-transitting first time Jan 14. It will definitely be small locks but watching all the activity will be exciting.
  5. Thanks so much for these recommendations. We have enough time to hopefully get a feel for CV both morning and evening.
  6. Sorry for the delay in my response, I check Boards most days and didn’t have a flag in my inbox for this. Anyway, we are on Oceania Marina. We dock at 8 am 1/13 at PA and leave port 4 am 1/14 to start full transit. So 10 pm is our ‘curfew’ so we can be awake early. I’m still researching whether cab or the HOHO bus is better to get us to CV as soon as we are cleared to leave the ship in 1/13. And yes, we will do the Miraflores museum later in the afternoon, already have supper reservations for 3 pm. Hopefully by then ships are going through.
  7. My hope as well: I board Jan 4, San Antonio Chile. When I studied the itineraries between now and then, looks like continuous ‘occupation’ - there could be a number of rooms not empty at a disembarkation port, and therefore not thoroughly sanitized. I’m sure Marina is not the only ship with such an ongoing schedule, but it sure contributes to health issues.
  8. Thx for this article. I do hope this will bring an end to the instability. I really want to be on Oceania Marina when she sails from San Antonio on Jan 4. There is no other way to this port from USA than through Santiago airport and 90 min road trip.
  9. Interesting: we will be on Marina 7123 and 7119 in January, will have to watch out for this phenomena. In all 8 past cruises, this will be the most aft we’ve been. Booked them for the extended balcony - we are going through the P canal.
  10. I sure hope it is still on the Marina: the Illy cafe is a highlight, especially cream.
  11. This thread has been helpful, I also have been following the TRIP ADVISOR postings. We fly in to Santiago to pick up a cruise in San Antonio Jan 4. We plan to take the Pullman bus: this assumes the airport, taxi transport to bus station and roads out are ok. I hope so. There is no where else to fly into from USA.
  12. Does anyone have experience with changing rooms after booking and final payment? When we booked two rooms last year we wanted the extra large balconies aft on Deck 7. We got them but had to settle for two that are separated by a room. Not sure if I should try/call before we sail in January or wait til we board and ask the occupants of the room between ours if they’d switch, then update the burser. It’s probably not as easy as swapping an airline seat. We would like to be able to open the wall between the balconies, but of course our rooms need to be adjoining. I was on a HAL cruise last year and we were able to do this with the outer half of the balcony wall.
  13. We are doing a full transit in January and and have a full day in port (Fuerta Amador) before we do. Most of our group of 4 opted out of the Indians or monkey tours. Our plan is to cab into Casco Veijo in the am on a Monday; after a few hours of exploring, get a cab to the Mira Flores Museum, eat an early supper there and watch ships go through; the cab back to port. I also really want to experience a roof top bar that night, but not sure on timing. Must be in bed by 10pm as we leave port to start through canal at 4 am. Does this all make sense, time wise?
  14. Does that mean Peter Roberts is better than John Clelford? We sail on Marina Jan 4 2020.
  15. We will often take advantage of very favorable alc $$ in foreign ports. It’s common for a bottle of local wine to be less than $10 such that when added to the $25 corkage fee is less than the cheapest bottle to purchase in the GDR.
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