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  1. Brushtail

    Nuku'alofa tour

    Hi, sorry I didn't see the post earlier. I've just posted it on facebook. :)
  2. Brushtail

    Nuku'alofa tour

    Hi, we're on this cruise too. Are you on Facebook? There's also a events page on facebook for this cruise, perhaps someone on there would be interested. Really looking forward to the cruise. It should be great. http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/event.php?eid=118440408188114
  3. Brushtail

    Gallipoli 100 year anniversary cruise in 2015

    Wow, this sounds really exciting. Thanks for sharing the info.
  4. Brushtail

    Our tours are up.

    Hey Sue, I'm not on your cruise, but just wanted to say it's nice to see your name on the boards. :)
  5. I've been using Facebook too much. When I've read the posts, I keep wanting to click on 'like'. :p Why do we love cruising? There's just something about being at sea. Love it.
  6. We came out to Australia as 10 Pound Poms when I was 8 years old. We spent 3 weeks on P&O Oriana cruising to Australia via the Suez Canal and landing in Sydney. We had Christmas and New Year on board. I just loved being at sea and the whole experience and always wanted to go back. It was only when our kids left home that we had any money to be able to do so. I talked Phil into it and booked the Pacific Sun 12 night cruise in June 2006. Luckily he loved it too. I picked a great cruise for our first one. Pentecost, Luganville, Wala, Vila, Mystery Island, Isle of Pines. We've done 8 cruises now and have 2 more booked. :D
  7. No, for the same reasons posted above.
  8. Brushtail

    Pacific Sun at Luganville Today

    We're going there next May. We're interested in hiring a taxi to take us to Million Dollar Point to do some snorkelling. Has anyone done this? How much, and how do you make sure the taxi driver is still there when you want to get back to the ship? Any information would be useful. Jen
  9. Brushtail

    Who is Cruising in October 2010?

    October 8th, Pacific Sun. (I'm now home and back at work) :( Had a great time. Great thread.
  10. Brushtail

    A great packing suitcase video

    Wow, great videos.
  11. Brushtail

    Suggesting an Onboard Activity

    The snorkelling at Lifou is brilliant, once you get down the rickety steps. I used the email information@pocruises.com.au
  12. Brushtail

    Suggesting an Onboard Activity

    I just sent them an email outlining my snorkelling idea. :p I'll keep you posted.
  13. Brushtail

    Suggesting an Onboard Activity

    I was just thinking a bit more about this and they could have a snorkelling class in the pool. We love snorkelling and have found that quite a lot of people are keen to try it but don't know how to do it, or are too nervous to try. P&O could have a couple of snorkelling classes which would result in them hiring out more of their gear. Win/win. They could decorate the bottom of one of the pools with plastic fish and coral just for fun. I might suggest this to them myself. :D
  14. Brushtail

    Suggesting an Onboard Activity

    Hi Di, you can try emailing P&O. They always reply. What activity have you thought of? (dying to know) :) We suggested a couple of times that it would be good if they could have a beginners diving course on board in one of the pools during the first couple of sea days. I put this on the survey forms you get at the end of the cruise. It's fallen on deaf ears. :(
  15. Brushtail

    Poum - What to do? Is it nice?

    Thanks for posting the vid, Kym. Loved it. It's hard to head off to work on a winter's morning when I want to pack up my snorkelling gear and head down to the tender station ready for a day on the island. :D