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  1. I live about 20 minutes from Peggy’s Cove, it’s a great spot but is really not accessibility friendly. When you get of the bus there is a short path to get you onto the rocks, but then if you want to get up to the lighthouse you need to climb up the rocks which can be very difficult for some. There is also the village but it is a walk down the hill, that’s where you see the photo of all the quaint little shops. Many of the bus tours stop at Acadian Maple Products in Tantallon on your way by, this is a great store for local maple products (and some neat ones you wouldn’t expect). Personally, when i go to Peggy’s Cove I usually only stay for a short period of time (but I also go usually during the off season when it’s cold, there have been times I’ve been the only one there). It is very much a fair weather site to visit, if it’s wet and windy, rainy, or foggy it’s not nearly as enjoyable.
  2. Is this on all ships that have JR? The fine print on my deluxe drink package mentions nothing about milkshakes?
  3. The Royal App should list it under entertainment. I’m on the Allure the week after you and I can see a showing for Tomb Raider (2018) and Solo - A Star Wars Story as well as an unnamed family movie for my cruise. I hope that helps!
  4. Heading out on the Allure in a few weeks and looking for recommendations on frozen drinks!
  5. Allure last year, attended a St Patrick’s Day Trivia at the pub, drink specialty of the day was green, there were decorations, etc.
  6. I also cannot view documents since I put in a bid on Friday. 🤔
  7. I got a second email for my upcoming cruise on Allure (03/17). I received an offer back when RoyalUp first came out and decided not to participate. This time *some* of the minimum bids were significantly lower. We are currently in an interior and the first offer had a minimum bid of $135CAD a person for Oceanview. This time it was $70.
  8. Sorry if this has already been asked and answered (I tried to do a search first). I am heading on my second ever cruise on Allure in March, and I’ve been scoping out cruises for next March. I have one picked (pending on if my husband enjoys the cruise- this will be his first) and am wondering what the benefits are of booking with nextCruise before we leave the ship?
  9. I have always bought insurance (just in case) and never needed it until last March as we were leaving for my first cruise. A blizzard hit on Friday and my flight was cancelled. The airline told us they couldn’t get us out until Sunday (we would be landing in Fort Lauderdale after we were scheduled to board the ship). This airline that shall not be named would not do anything for us, we suggested flying us into Orlando, Tampa, even Atlanta and we would find our own way from there. The “best” suggestion they could give us was to drive to Montreal (a 12 hour drive in good weather- all of eastern Canada was being impacted by the storm) for a flight that left in 10 hours time. Ended up having to buy a $900 one way plane ticket with another airline for Saturday to get there on time. New flight was fully reimbursed. Good luck/well wishes to your husband on a speedy recovery! Hopefully you guys will be cruising again in no time.
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