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  1. Anyone know how the public health emergency in Florida (2 confirmed cases in Tampa) might affect future sailings?
  2. Haven’t cruised this, but live in one of the ports. Weather here in Eastern Canada mid May is probably in the 55-60 degree weather range most days though we do occasionally see a random day or two in the 70’s. Definitely not beach weather but still ok for sightseeing.
  3. Thanks so much both of you! I don’t love (I absolutely hate) heights, and I HATED having to step off on the zip line on Allure, but I did It. I feel like this is going to be terrifying, but worth it haha.
  4. Trying to decide whether I am going to join my husband on this in March. I’m just wondering: How strenuous is it actually and in what way? Do you decide when to go or do they release you?
  5. You can always book it and keep an eye on it in the next few weeks. If the price goes down cancel and rebook.
  6. Did anyone else find that the Deluxe Beverage Package didn’t change in price at all?
  7. For my March cruise on Oasis it is currently bouncing between $81 and $86 Canadian a day. Last year on my Allure cruise (same week) we ended up paying $55 Canadian a day. (The value of CAD vs US dollar is pretty much what it was last year +/- a cent or two) We were already booked when the $18 a day event happened but I was away and asleep when everything went down and my husband didn't bother to call and wake me up or book it himself. 🤦‍♀️ Needless to say we haven't booked a drink package so far.
  8. I live about 20 minutes from Peggy’s Cove, it’s a great spot but is really not accessibility friendly. When you get of the bus there is a short path to get you onto the rocks, but then if you want to get up to the lighthouse you need to climb up the rocks which can be very difficult for some. There is also the village but it is a walk down the hill, that’s where you see the photo of all the quaint little shops. Many of the bus tours stop at Acadian Maple Products in Tantallon on your way by, this is a great store for local maple products (and some neat ones you wouldn’t expect). Personally, when i go to Peggy’s Cove I usually only stay for a short period of time (but I also go usually during the off season when it’s cold, there have been times I’ve been the only one there). It is very much a fair weather site to visit, if it’s wet and windy, rainy, or foggy it’s not nearly as enjoyable.
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