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  1. Did you ever find out where the ship will dock?
  2. Has anyone tried to order their 4 items at either Food Republic or Pincos Tapas and tried to split them between two people? I don't eat a lot so splitting a dining package would be perfect. I'm sure that's not norwegians favorite idea but do they allow it?
  3. Perfect Thank you! I am trying to see if it was worth it book the spa room instead of the balcony but I think we'll stay where we are. Do you know if they offered other options for lengths of time or was it just the whole cruise and daily passes?
  4. Awesome thank you!!! My cruise is a year away and you already have my mouth watering!!!!! Awesome pictures!
  5. Does anyone have any idea on what the cost would be for a Spa pass for a 15 day cruise? Also what do you think it the best timing for booking specialty dinner reservations and the shows? Thank you!
  6. I was wondering if anyone had any insight on a cabin on the Escape in the B6 category. I know on the regular balconies you can get the extra angled balcony for the same price as a regular balcony. Does anyone have any tips for the extended balconies? Thanks!
  7. Thank you so much!!!! We did the breakaway two years ago and the service at the regular dining was horrible. After waiting tables all through high school and college having good service is important to me! I don't know if they were trying to limit my ultimate beverage package but I couldn't get a drink at all at dinner. My wine would come way after our meal
  8. OHHHH ok thank you! Thank makes so much more sense. When I first looked I never saw the escape back in february. I was looking for Double points I'm sorry I missed it. Damn if only he proposed a couple months earlier!!!!!! I'm actually glad to hear that about the crowd The families with kids get really old.
  9. Thank you! Congratulations on 10 years! I've had really great and not so great experiences on the Norwegian Cruises I've done. We did the Gem and the bartending service was really excellent, the service at the regular dinning was hit or miss on service, I couldn't get a wine refill at dinner to save my life. However we did the breakaway 2 years ago and the only decent service at dinner was in the specialty restaurants. Servers were standing around talking and we couldn't get water, drinks etc. It's annoying but you get the same thing in restaurants back home too. I don't understand why people let it ruin their vacation though.
  10. I think that's what we will end up doing! Let me know if you decide to come, we'll have to meet for a drink!
  11. A TA wasn't my first choice either but he loves cruising and I love europe and this cruise has some really nice ports so we compromised! Thank you I didn't realize that!
  12. Haha no I'm not Irish but my Fiance is! I would love to do an itinerary like that but unfortunately he really wanted to do a cruise to the Bahamas and I wanted a trip to europe so this was our first married couple compromise! I totally agree on those Seine evening cruises though ! So beautiful!
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