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  1. You are truly a brave and adventurous lady, I bet you could do it on your own. Maybe one day we'll get the chance to meet.
  2. Thank you Nancy.....One day, we'll meet and you can give Horty that hug that you've been promising! The new Carnival ship will be in the New Years Day Parade [well, not the actual ship], a replica. Carnival will bring this new ship to Long Beach and it's supposed to be quite a fun ship! I may have to check it out!
  3. Have a wonderful weekend everyone. I hope that our friends in Alaska are safe, I wish them well. I've taken Horton to the Vet, he's had his immunizations updated, forms filled out and we're ready to cruise, after his visit to the groomer tomorrow. I've had his paperwork notarized and sent to Hawaii and to Princess Cruises Special Needs Dept. My home looks like all we do is pack; suitcases everywhere! Horton has more paraphernalia than a 2 year old child. Get me on that ship........Thank goodness it's just a one and a half hour drive.....no airplanes to catch! This may be our last writing to you until after the 19th, when we return home. Take care of each other.........
  4. Linda, you did so well. Welcome home! I think we all have had that person who refuses to get on the elevator with our dogs......you handled yourself so well. So, when are you cruising again?
  5. Aphis 7001.....works for all travel; coming and going!
  6. Wow, what an exciting adventure. Welcome home.......You know what can't be missed are the black Lab pieces [fur] that Henri shed as she was having her picture taken. I'm so used to those hairs everywhere in my life!
  7. Nancy, Horty is 9 1/2, he will be 10 1/2 on my cruise in November, 2019. He's aging fast enough, we don't need to rush it. You and I have known each other for many years and have shared lots of experiences. I treasure your friendship and hope that it goes on for many, many more years. See if you can get yourself onboard one of my cruises. That would be so much fun!
  8. Happy Weekend Everyone. I hope that your Turkey Day was restful and filled with thankful moments. I'm planning some future cruises with family, [even though I have one coming up on Dec. 4th.] I'm looking at the Royal Princess for November of 2019. They're offering either the Sip & Sail Package or the 3 For Free. Either one would be nice. The Sip & Sail is the Drinking Package and the 3 For Free is Free Gratuities/Onboard Credit and Dining in Specialty Restaurant. Love the "freebies!" I'm leaning towards Princess for most of my upcoming cruises. I like cruising out of my home port and I will try and take advantage of whatever packages they offer. Horton will be 10 1/2 years old then and cruising will NOT be top on his list of things he likes to do. I'll anticipate taking him and keep in mind any limitations that may come up; the biggest one being getting into a tender boat......he's not a fan of jumping into anything that's moving.
  9. I would love your investigation results.......Of course it will be too late for my trip but if it could make it easier for others that would be good too. You say you have an ADA "Person", exactly what does that mean? If this person is an ADA Attorney or someone who can assist with ADA violations I would like to hear more and have some questions that I'd like to ask.....you may contact me at roz morey at yahoo dot com.
  10. It would be so nice if Immigration officials recognized our dogs as "durable medical equipment", and stop charging us such ridiculous fees to enter their ports. Especially, USA Ports in Hawaii. Last year, not only did I have to pay $250 for the Rabies Titer Serology but I had to pay the Quarantine Inspector [to keep Horton out of quarantine] $244. I don't have to pay for the Rabies Titer again because the test is good for 3 years but the Quarantine Station Officer may ask for the fee after I fax all the Notarized documentation that is required, following Horton's Vet Check, where I will have to pay for the Aphis 7001 form to be filled out [my Vet always tells me that he gives me a discount because Horton is a Service Dog.] Mexico is part of the Hawaii cruise so I know that all the forms I get for Hawaii will be used in Mexico once we arrive in the Ensenada Port, so I won't have to duplicate any forms or pay any more fees in Mexico. I'm starting to get a bit annoyed at the fact that a USA port charges for my "medical equipment" at all. Princess wants all documentation faxed to their corporate offices within a week before the cruise so they can fax everything to the ship. Which always makes me laugh, because when I get to the ship to register, they ALWAYS ask for a copy of all the paperwork both at registration and again at the Guest Relations Desk. Lots of "Hoops and Whistles" but, again, so worth it to have your fur partner with you onboard your cruise, I promise!!!!!
  11. Henry, what a great idea.....It seems like such a long time ago when Brenda, Morey and I ventured out onto the Celebrity Summit back in 2005. They had absolutely no idea what to do with my Service Dog. They placed the box exactly where Algebralovr documents in the drawing. It was far away from our cabin, through doors that were impossible to open when the ship was moving, because of the winds. If the crew were washing down the deck it became slippery to walk on. We had a huge veranda but did not think of asking them to move the box. If I had a "do-over", I definitely would go directly to the Hotel Manager and request the box be moved! Our next cruise was onboard the Diamond Princess; the box was placed on deck 7 where the smokers would go and throw their butts into the box.......they thought it was a huge ashtray. This happened on a Carnival cruise too; Brenda burnt her paw, I complained, we got a free cruise and it was NEVER placed on an outside deck again! NCL: The box was placed in a crew mop closet, near our cabin, under a laundry sink. It was the best box I have ever seen, with the most easy to use mulch. Carnival: A cardboard box with artificial turf, placed on an outside deck, far from our cabin.....it took a few complaints, big mistakes and on all subsequent Carnival Cruises the box has been placed on our patio. The boxes are made of some sort of metal, filled with hard pellets but always in the right place [I cover the pellets with the artificial turf that I bring along.] Princess: The box was placed far from our cabin, I complained, they moved it to a hallway that only the crew uses and then finally placed it in the stairwell, near our cabin, it's filled with wood shavings from their woodworking dept. Costa: The box was placed on our veranda, filled with dirt. The Steward wanted to walk Brenda for us and was upset that I picked-up the solids. HAL: The box was placed on our veranda, filled with mulch. Silversea: The box was placed on our veranda filled with kitty litter......ugh! Brenda tracked it into the cabin every time she used it. They changed it to mulch at the first port stop.
  12. Happy, healthy weekend everyone. Our winds are gone, for now. The fires are 50% contained. Our beautiful hills, flora and fauna will need years to recover. Some of our friends have lost their homes and we are aoo heartbroken for them. I send my love and best wishes to everyone who had endure this horrible time. Driving to the beach will be very difficult for a very long time.
  13. Bon~Voyage Linda & Halo. Have a wonderful cruise and when you come home please stop by and tell us all about your adventure.
  14. I'm so glad that Peach had a good placement of her box. I totally agree with having the Aphis 7001 Form for whatever traveling I'm doing with my Service Dog. It answers so many of the questions that most Immigration officials want to know about my dog. [Remember, that Mexico wants the words on the form to be spelled out...no abbreviations.] I also understand that they are changing their requests daily. Just have everything you can about yourself and your dog. Leave nothing to their imagination. Be as clear and concise as you can. ALWAYS make sure that your dog is on his best behavior when the officials are meeting with you! I, too, keep a folder of all of Horton's paperwork and make a full copy of everything [MicroChip Info., Permit from CCI [which has a picture of Horton and me on it], Membership Card from the IAADP, Aphis 7001 Form, most recent Vet Check], I give a full copy to the ship [registration]; the Purser's Desk [Guest Services, onboard the ship] and one for the Immigration/Agricultural Inspector before going into any specific port. I NEVER like to be kept waiting because anybody wants to make a copy of my paperwork and they have to find a copier. Never going to happen. I hand them a full copy of everything. It saves so much time!
  15. Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful pictures of Peach.