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  1. Linda, thanks for the Vegas and airline report. I keep getting all kinds of invites and enticements from the Wynn Hotels and am so tempted to just bite the bullet and take the drive. It might be fun for Horty and me to just do a "get-away" before he is totally retired. I talk big.....but, I'm not so sure either he or I am ready for such an adventure. Yours sounds like it was fun and I'm glad you got the chance to go.
  2. Nancy, I can't wait for the day that you're telling all of us that you're going on a cruise.....it's been way too long for you!
  3. Hi AlI, first Horton is doing very well. He's on two medications daily and will have a second opinion from an Internal Medicine Vet on July 22nd, as requested by CCI. His energy level is good, not quite what it was before his diagnosis but certainly better than the day that he refused to eat, drink or go potty. He's eating, drinking, going potty, walking with me and having playful periods. I'm grateful for how he's responding to med's and I certainly hope that he remains doing well. I had my "phone interview" with CCI today [for a Successor Dog], it was wonderful to speak with Ken, in Santa Rosa, the trainer who worked with me on my "Side Placement" with Horton. Such a nice guy. The interview went well and we talked about traveling and future wants and needs from another dog.....I told Ken that it would be very, very difficult to not travel and cruise with Horton and, of course, some tears were shed. This time I'm not in any rush to retire Horty and love having him in every aspect of my life. There's really no place to go and Horty is the perfect partner to "isolate" with! I still have to have an "In Person" interview and then the waiting period begins. They really don't know how the process will go, in terms of waiting time. Covid19 is changing everything for them. They have to put together a class of people that can travel to CCI and there has to be dogs who are in or finishing advanced training.......there's lots of stuff that has to all come together so that there can be a class of folks to train for two weeks and then graduate in a safe and healthy environment. I'm not in any rush. There's lots of time to be with my boy and enjoy our time together and I'm doing just that! I can't wait for the day that the first cruise actually leaves our L.A. Port!!!!!!
  4. Nancy, thanks for asking. Horty is absolutely terrified of the fireworks. He goes off to the bedroom which seems to muffle the sounds better, but this is definitely the worst I have ever heard since I've lived here and that's 27 years. I suppose it's all the social distancing driving the anti-social idiots so crazy that they feel forced to make big noises in their environment. I'm hoping that after this weekend we should be able to enjoy our evenings with more relaxation. Last night the fireworks went off until after 2:00 am. My heart goes out to the folks who suffer from PTSD.
  5. I hope this finds everyone doing well. Horton and I are truly hanging on........sometimes it feels like a fine, very fine thread that keeps me sane and facing each day. I don't mind being alone but this virus thing really lends new meaning to social distancing!!!!! And, because there are so many other's who are home with nothing else to do, they're setting off fireworks [almost nightly], since the beginning of June. Horton hates the sounds and literally becomes unglued. He acts agitated; panting, pacing and literally trying to climb onto my lap. I feel so badly for him......I know that this weekend is going to be pure madness until these weirdo's in my neighborhood run out of the darn stuff!!!!! Aside from the fireworks, Horton is doing well on his new diet and medication. CCI has requested a second opinion and he has an appointment with an Internal Medicine Doc. [of their choice] on July 22nd for an exam and blood work. I don't like doing it because I'm not allowed to go into this strange doctors exam room, let alone his waiting room. I have to pull into the parking lot, call them and they will come out to my car and get Horton and when he's done they will bring him out to me. I know that Horton will not think twice about going with a stranger and I know they will be gentle and kind to him but I don't like separating from him, at all!!!! I don't know these folks and I can't oversee every moment they're with him. I just MUST remind them that he is a Service Dog and will take any and all commands asked of him. He just needs a very gentle, loving hand!!!!! CCI is questioning the Cushing's Disease diagnosis and just wants to make sure that that's truly his underlying issue. I'll let you all know how that goes afterwards.
  6. Howie Mandel had this social distancing thing long before all of us ever heard of it!!!! Maybe you did too!
  7. You're very lucky to have the opportunity to have your own place, keeping most of your independence. And, how lucky you are to have your parents to help you when needed.
  8. I totally get it! I hope Halo is not in too much pain from his hips.
  9. Happy Weekend Everyone! CCI has requested a second opinion from an Internal Medical Specialist for Horton. I will be bringing Horton to the hospital they've chosen for more blood work and an exam. The only thing I hate about it is that I have to meet them in the parking lot and they will take him away from me. It's NEVER a good idea to separate a Service Dog from their Handler. Damn Covid!!!!!!! In my head I know they're going to be gentle and caring........In my heart I can't stand to see him being walked away from me by strangers.
  10. Linda, thank you for the Horton good wishes. Your travels are making me drool. I am definitely ready to hit the road or the cruise ship or anything that takes me away from this social distancing thing! I know that no matter where we go there will be some form of distancing but just to see a new environment sounds so inviting! Have fun in Vegas and do come back and tell us what it was like and how much you enjoyed the change of scenery!
  11. Well, if you're ever in the area come on over and eat with the big boy!
  12. Horton's palate is so different than usual. He no longer will eat any vegetables, pumpkin or sweet potatoe's. He runs his nose over his dish and if he doesn't like it he walks away from it. Cushing's syndrome dogs are notorious for becoming anorexic. In the beginning of his disease process he refused to eat any kibble or veggies. It was so difficult to watch him starving himself! It took me days to finally hit the foods that he would eat. He likes eggs [usually hard boiled], cottage cheese, Hebrew National sausages/hot dogs, cheese, bacon, mac & cheese, chicken, turkey, baked potatoe's, peanut butter and rice cakes. I give him various combinations of the aforementioned to equal about a cup to cup and a half three times a day. He takes a thryroid pill in the am and his Cushing's dosage in the pm. I'm living with a fine, elderly gentleman with health and food issues. Welcome to my world!!!!!! I'll live his life with him and enjoy his company as long as he's having playful moments and seems to be enjoying his life as well!
  13. Barb, although I'm a "hugger" I totally respect everyone's private space and always ask before I go in for the "hug!" I'm sure there will be lots more "non-huggers" in our new normal and definitely more awareness of those around us going forward! Horton is definitely feeling better, although he's different, the sparkle in his personality comes out and I find myself smiling and enjoying watching him being playful and silly once again. I'll take this change and enjoy every moment I can with him!
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