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  1. From dreary, rainy, water drenched Los Angeles; Happy Weekend everyone! Horty and I had to go out and get provisions.....I'm shopping very differently these days. Instead of shopping for a few days, I'm now picking up enough stuff for a week or two. Who wants to venture out in this cold rain? Well, Horton is official, he's now using his ramp for entering into the back of my SUV. I have a warm, cozy bed there for him. He lays down when we move and when we stop he picks up his head, sits up and looks out all the windows. He hops out easily instead of me having to put the ramp up again. Although the ramp is not light, it's easy to manipulate because of the handle on the side. It's an expandable, wanding type ramp. It rests on the back bumper solidly and there's no worry that it won't hold his weight. I bought it from Drs. Foster & Smith years ago for Brenda. I can't imagine going out on my adventures without Horton and now, with the ramp in tow, I don't have to!
  2. What a handsome picture. Wexy brings tears to my eyes. He had a wonderful life, rest in peace wonderful boy. Thank you for being in all our lives!
  3. Grass clippings from home will not be necessary and should not be allowed. Can you imagine if everyone were allowed to bring a piece of their gardens on board a ship. You won't need the clippings. Once you've trained him to go potty in a box, he won't think twice about doing it no matter where the box is. It took one hour to train both my dogs to go potty in a box. The pellets that Carnival uses are very painful to step on for Labs & Retrievers because they have webbed toes and the pellets dig into the skin and hurt if they're stepped on wrong. I bring a piece of astroturf from Lowe's and cover the darn things.......no problem. The turf is light and folds up into a small piece that fits into a hanging bag or suitcase, [place it into a kitchen garbage bag first because it may shed.] You'll need to cut some drainage holes in a few spots of the turf before laying it over the pellets.
  4. Boaz can go in every lounge, theatre, restaurant and pool area [outside and inside]. He is NOT allowed in the pools and should not sit on the furniture. Sometimes too much information is more confusing than no information.
  5. Hello Bentley, you're a very handsome boy. Welcome to the most wonderful group of dog lovers in the world......or, at least on these boards. Traveling dogs and their people, what could be better than that! Melissa, most of us have Service Dogs and cruise with them. We've been a source of information and comfort to each other over many, many years. Some folks who add to our thread don't have a Service Dog and just love traveling with us and hearing about our adventures. My dogs have been trained by Canine Companions for Independence, better known as CCI. CCI provides assistance dogs to the public, absolutely free. When I first applied to them in 2000 they required $100.00 which would pay for the dogs vest, leash and collar. They no longer ask for any fee. They depend on private funding primarily. They are now all over the U.S. My first dog was "Brenda", we traveled with her and I needed help with taking her on a cruise and brought my questions to Cruise Critic. That was in 2005.......I've been here ever since. Brenda passed away in 2014 at the age of 14. She had a great life and had completed her 15th cruise before she passed. My husband and I adored her. I now have "Horton". He'll be 10 years old on April, 29th and just completed his 10th cruise. I'm hoping he'll beat Brenda's cruise record but I'm not so sure he will. His long legs are getting a bit more tired earlier than her shorter legs did. We'll see. I always tell everyone to have all their paperwork in order, and make at least 3 copies when you travel. You can NEVER have too much information to give to an Immigration or Port Authority. I hope that we can be a source of information and encouragement for you to cruise with Bentley and love every moment of it. 🚢
  6. What a handsome boy! Welcome! Size DOES NOT MATTER! You will just take up more room than usual and I'm quite sure you're used to that! Elevators, small lounges, seating in the theatre, shopping in the stores and sitting in the dining rooms will present some thoughtfulness and pre-planning on your part. But, if you use your good senses and ALWAYS think of Boaz first you will be fine. You have to go to every venue remembering that you will be stopped several times to answer lots and lots of curious questions from your fellow passengers. Remember, they had to leave their fur-babies at home and they're missing them terribly. They will want to talk to, take pictures of and sit with your fur-baby! If you can, allow for them to pat him. It will satisfy their urge to try and sneak a touch behind your back! Or, you will meet folks who absolutely hate your dog; they want nothing to do with him, they don't want to eat with him or be in an elevator with him. They may complain very loudly or just give you and him dirty looks when they see either one of you. It's a mixed bag of reactions.......like that box of chocolates; you never know what you're going to get! If Boaz likes to sleep in a bed, on a couch, etc....these are things you may want to think about to keep his comfort level good in the cabin. Horton is a "huge" dog. He weighs 90lbs, and has long, long legs. He can be very scary looking to those who don't know him! He likes to sleep in a bed. I bring a bed for him, I roll it up and put big rubber bands around it to keep it as small as I can for easy travel. He loves it! The floor space in a regular cabin is not the best [this depends on whether you separate or keep the beds together.] I like the mini-suites on Princess ships; they have more floor space and even a nice couch in a separate sitting area of your cabin. They are a bit pricier than a regular veranda cabin but not as expensive as a full suite. I get the cabin on the end, which gives me a nice wrap-around balcony. These cabins have to be reserved at least one year in advance. If you like Traditional Dining you should go to the Matre d' before dinner time and check out where you're table is located. You will want a table against a wall, a divider, or under a window where Boaz can lay down without anyone stepping over him. Everything about cruising with your Service Dog can be managed and is doable. You just need to pre-think - pre-plan and be mindful of those around you and your dog! Don't be deterred by any comments or supposed problems that you might hear or read. Try it......You may love it as most of the folks on this thread do!!!!!!
  7. I have to tell you that in the Princess "pre-cruise" Service Dog paperwork, it specifically states that they don't allow the pads........my answer to them, too bad! As long as we remain dutiful in removing these pads and disposing of them, we should be able to use them as we need to. I understand that they don't want these pads being the responsibility of the cruise line to clean up after. Please, anyone who does use them........Remove them, dispose of them and make sure that you're using enough to hold your dogs urine without it running over leaving any kind of residue where you lay it! I use large, thick pads with strong tape on each corner. I also do NOT depend on these pads unless it's an emergency situation, where we're stuck in a waiting area for a very long time. I ALWAYS take Horton potty before we enter any airline, cruise ship or public waiting area situation!
  8. Makes such good sense. My relaxation quotient never is enough!
  9. Please, do not purchase "fake" paperwork from any company online. I suggest a letter from your Vet with an attached picture of you & your dog. The Vet letter should state what Service the dog provides, with the Vet attesting to the dog's good behavior in the public setting. The Vet should state what kind of training that your dog has received and that the dog is in good health on flea & tick abatement on a monthly basis.
  10. OMG! That's exactly what Horton would do. I love how tenacious you are. It's unfortunate that we have to fight this constant battle of where our dog's will go potty. I'm going to carry a few doggy "piddle" pads [the kind with the tape on the back of them] in my carry on's. And, when Horty has to go potty I'll go into the restroom handicap stall, lay down the pad, and give him the command. I will pick up the pad, drop it into the trash and off I'll go. If there's no handicap stall I'll just lay it on the floor of the restroom. As long as the pad doesn't move around under Horton's circles he'll be fine.
  11. Happy Anniversary to all! Treasure all the wonderful moments that share with each other! I treasure ALL of you! ❤️
  12. I hear this from so many people. I love cruising but I don't think I'd do very well on 10 straight sea days. Wow!
  13. Also, such a good idea to take advantage of the 3 year Rabies Titer Test to enter Hawaii. I know for a fact that I will NOT take another cruise to Hawaii. I, personally, can not do the 10 sea days. I love while cruising when the ship docks, the folks vacate the ship and there are NO LINES; NO WAITING; NO PEOPLE. My favorite way to enjoy a floating hotel! If there are too many sea days I feel like I have to retreat to my cabin for some peace & quiet, especially while cruising with a Service Dog! Yes, there are some venues that are not open when the ship is docked but I can live with that in exchange for the "ship is mine", less crowded, less frantic feeling! I know there are some folks who love, love, love sea days. Do you love sea days?
  14. HAPPY WEEKEND EVERYONE! Please stay warm and dry everyone!