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  1. Thanks vey much for the recommendations. We love Gardens and will definitely make a stop at the Wallenstein Gardens.
  2. Good Stuff,! We are getting very excited!
  3. Thanks everyone. Lots of help. Today we were notified that our hotel has changed from the Hilton to the Intercontinental. It actually looks like a more central location. As we have one night on our own, any suggestions for dinner? Walking distance preferred. Judy
  4. Interesting that one group went inside the cathedral and the other didn't. ANDEE - may I ask what you particularly wanted to see on the way down from the Castle and also can you remember about how long that walk down would have been? Also would that have been your only opportunity to walk across the Charles Bridge?
  5. Wondering whether anyone has been in Prague as a part of the Avalon Danube trip and took the included Guided City Walk. I am trying to organise an extra day we have there on our own and I'm trying not to duplicate. The Avalon included walk visits the Castle Grounds, St. Vitus Cathedral and the Astronomical Clock. I'm wanting to know whether we see only the exterior of the Cathedral or whether a visit inside will be included? Thinking of spending our "extra" day up at the castle but will skip the Cathedral if we are going to see it with our tour. Any other ideas for that day? What about the Funicular? Thanks for any advice Judy
  6. We are travelling with a single relative and booked Avalon because they were offering up to 5 cabins for solo travellers with the supplement waived on their ships. Many companies offer only the lowest level cabin but with Avalon we were able to book any cabin we chose. It seems that the AMA special mentioned by Iamthesea, also offers any available cabin with just the 10% supplement.
  7. Hi Fran, Could I confirm that the name of the owner is Alajos Pulai. Just want to make sure I have the correct company. Thanks again Judy
  8. Many thanks Fran. I shall definitely look into this.
  9. Thanks everyone for jumping in with so much information. FRAN --- If you could let me know the details of the Private Transfer that you used, that would be great. We have booked a private transfer for our arrival in Prague but the TA we used to book didn't suggest doing the same for Budapest so I think I'll do that myself although I may have to wait until I know our docking location We are travelling from Prague to Budapest and will have Euros for Austria and Germany so good news that we can likely be OK with Euros in Budapest. Judy PS. TMLAalum - Are you still speaking Hungarian to your GPS Lady or have you moved on to another language
  10. On re -reading my original message, I realise that I made an error in my question regarding denominations of Forints. I asked whether we would need only 500 or 1000 forints. Of course I realise that 1000 forints is only a couple of dollars and what I meant to say was would we need any smaller denominations or only 500 or 1000plus. Thanks Pontac for replying. We are with Avalon and I don't think Transfers are arranged unless air is included. I'll double check though.
  11. Our Sept/Oct. river cruise ends in Budapest. I understand that staff on the ship will order a taxi to the airport for us (we are 3 adults) and I plan on asking them to do that. I'm wondering whether I will need Hungarian forints to pay for the cab and approximately how much that may cost. Does anyone know whether the Forints are used in small denominations or whether we would need only 500 or 1000HUF.? I think I read a suggestion to wait until we are in Budapest and then get a small amount at an ATM. Opinions on that would be appreciated. Thanks
  12. WOW! I have lots of reading to do. Many thanks to everyone who jumped in.
  13. A quick thankyou to both of you. LHT28, I haven't tried www.insuremytrip.ca but I will look into it and will check out RSA. We have used Medoc for a long time but we are now dealing with a couple of pre existing conditions which are not covered by them. Time to look around for a different company.
  14. Friends of ours travelling with Princess just added the cruise company insurance to their booking. To me it sounds like an excellent price with good coverage. I haven't been able to find anything on the Oceania site showing that they offer a similar product or, in fact, any type of travel insurance. I'd really appreciate hearing from anyone who can clarify this for me. Thanks
  15. Reading through the thread, I get the impression that many wait until on board to book and if we do wait, which I prefer to do, we won't be the only ones. I am pre -booking for the optional Prague evening event because, of course, that happens on the first night in Prague when most will arrive although we will be there a day earlier. Thanks you all very much for the responses.
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