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  1. The only thing that would save Crystal at this point would be the immediate resumption of cruising...and that’s not going to happen. No business model that relies upon the close social interactions of an elderly demographic with pre-existing medical conditions in enclosed spaces will be allowed to resume business prior to the mass distribution (6-9 months after release) of an effective vaccine. It doesn’t matter if they come out with Crystal Clean 8.0, no North American based cruise line will likely sail until at least this time next year. This is the sad reality and why Crystal has no good news to report. Will they survive until this time next year? Likely not. At least not in their current form. As was noted in a prior post, wouldn’t a restructured company want to extend an olive branch to its loyal customers? Well, maybe, but why? The whole point of a restructuring is to off-load debt and liabilities, not take them on. Most likely, the old Crystal will go into receivership, sell it’s assets (ships), and be legally forced in 3-5 years from now to pay creditors pennies on the dollar.
  2. Good evening All, Like all of you on this board, we’ve had endless phone calls and emails directly with Crystal full of endless promises, lies, mis-information, and contradictions. At day 160, I realized I would never see any money from this company and filed a credit card dispute with Amex. I’m not proud of having to pursue this option, but was left with no other recourse. It is all over for Crystal, in its current configuration anyway. I too had AmEx customer service agents tell me in various ways how they probably couldn’t open a file based on the length of time, etc. However, purchase and fraud protection is one of the primary reasons you choose to use a credit card and pay the annual fee. We have not received the goods and services promised. You need to be politely firm with these credit card companies...don’t accept the first no. File a dispute through their online portal, write an email, etc. To American Express’s credit, as on today, they have full refunded all charges 100%. They will remain my primary credit card and I will speak their praises. Crystal, however, is dead to me. A big thanks to everyone who contributed very valuable information on this board. Best of luck.
  3. Good morning All, Just thought we’d add our data to the list... scheduled sail date 8/25/20 Oberammergau package Crystal cancelled April 1/20 Booked directly through a Crystal agent The refund option selected by us, through Crystal agent, on April 1/20, was for full refund to our credit card. No refund as of 8/21/20
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