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  1. The vaccines are really effective at keeping people from suffering the most severe consequences of covid, but infections are still a possibility. And while the data are showing that vaccinated individuals are less likely to spread covid, it could still happen. So in theory, the only way to keep serious covid-19 cases from spreading would be to have everyone vaccinated. Otherwise, a vaccinated person could potentially infect an unvaccinated person... Imagine the nightmare scenario of a more contagious varient speading on a cruise ship amonst the unvaccinated folks after one point of
  2. I think cruise lines are going to have to do everything in their power to prevent serious outbreaks of the virus. This should definitely include required vaccinations for all passengers... and until covid is more under control overall, the other measures should stay too.
  3. I have embarkation out of Miami on Saturday - hope nine doesn't cause us trouble!
  4. Totally understand!! 🙂 We appreciate you being so willing to share!
  5. Hey @AlohaLivin! Since so many people are requesting your map, is it possible to make a public version and share a link?
  6. I'll be following the new wave off Africa pretty closely. Sounds like it will be developing this week, and may become a depression over the weekend. Keeping an eye out as it might affect my September 14th sailing.
  7. Sea Day Brunch for food for sure! Hairy Chest Contest for laughs (but my husband never volunteers!!) Harry Potter Trivia for fun Oh... and maybe the quarter pusher at the casino because I am always sooo close.
  8. @AlohaLivin you can email me at embem1992 at hotmail. Thank you so much for your help!
  9. @AlohaLivin I would love to see what you had mapped out for "The Amigos Take San Juan" 😀 I am especially interested in your food finds! 🙂 My hubby is a huge foodie, and at one point told me that the best part of vacations was "trying all the different foods".
  10. @Racer70 Thank you for the links! I feel like that map will be super helpful!
  11. Hubby and I will be on the Carnival Conquest in a few weeks, and we're largely eschewing traditional shore excursions in favor of more DIY options. We'll be in in San Juan on Sept. 17th, and we want to do our own walking tour of Old San Juan and maybe the forts if time allows. Does anyone have recommendation for guide books/literature on the area to help us map out our walking tour? There was one kindle book I found on Amazon that might be good (The Old San Juan Walking Tour), but reviews were pretty mixed. Other words of wisdom on San Juan for those who have been the
  12. Glad I read this! The type of straws they have wasn't even on my radar. I'll be sure to throw a couple of my stainless straws into my suitcase for my cruise in sept. 🙂
  13. 17 days until I leave for Miami, 18 days until I am on the boat! 🙂
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