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  1. Not only by publishing where the smoking areas are on each ship it helps the smokers and also the non smokers to be able to select cabins and avoid these areas if they would like. Its not like they change the areas
  2. Yes have booked may 3rd -14th from Sydney -Vanuatu on the Adventure
  3. Any one know smoking areas on the Sun Princess going on her Christmas and New years in 65 more day cant wait.
  4. Nothing for free you are right booked a cruise P&O 2021 ,$1 deposit. The next day the promotion changed to free drinks package funny the cruise price went up by $600 per person forget the P&O drinks package drinks on P&O are not as badly Priced but Princess Cruises drinks are so much more expensive basic sweet Moscato $11 per glass bottled light beer $3 more than P&O prices.
  5. no smoking in churchill,s either however the bar is still open but very quiet. went in there on our last cruise golden Princess Christmas and New Years cruise to New Zealand
  6. If you dont like smoking sail from out of Australia no smoking inside on any of the ships including Princess
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