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  1. Can anyone please tell me the smoking areas on the sun princess please??
  2. No i couldn't sit on the balcony all day love to be up on deck also
  3. Hope so too Milford sound is the main highlight im looking forward to seeing, booked a balcony cabin and brought a warm coat
  4. We will be on the Golden Princess Melbourne to New Zealand return to Melbourne sailing through Milford Sound Christmas Day leaving Auckland New Years eve
  5. Sailing with Princess first time in Australia and as wondering if they supply bathrobes to use whilst on board or can you purchase them.
  6. The carnival trip is cheap balcony and all hope your feeling better soon
  7. Thanks Don you enjoy yours also we have 2 out of Melbourne coming up and 1 out of Fremantle
  8. Rebooked 6 night to kangaroo island and port lincoln But couldn't help ourselves also booked 15 nights next Christmas out of Fremantle to Indonesia
  9. Do you also know about the Sun princess? have booked a cruises on this also
  10. The Final cruise on the Jewel has been released for sale on the P&O website on Thursday J911N Departing Melbourne 24th February and arriving in Singapore on the12th March 2019
  11. we were given gifts of blocked chocolate from a cruise event planner with a hand written card on our last cruise earlier this year are we also a charity case
  12. here we go again why answer if this topic bores you we usually give them a tip in cash usually about $200 not Trinkets and l dont think they are Children
  13. We are on a cruise out of Melbourne Australia for Christmas and New years this December we always tip our cabin stewards at the end of our trip but wanted to give some thing wraped up for Christmas as a thank you as well ANY IDEAS?
  14. oh Ondine of coarse its 1 pair only thats 1 sock each we are arguing already who doesnt want them ha ha you will also score yourself a beautiful pair as you are also a past cruiser
  15. So sorry to hear about your health hope you feel better soon when they rebooked us to what they wanted we got to keep all previous on board credit and offers and given $100 each extra on board credit but when we werent happy with what they transfered us to our previous booking was cancelled got to keep the $100 each with new on board credit worked out a bit extra lost a photo package (big deal) we have a million cruise photos oh wow we got a pair of P&O socks though
  16. Odine what happened to your March cruise as it would have been cancelled by now? have you been rebooked? Our march 3 nighter was cancelled to kangaroo island and they rebooked us ono ne in February since its mid week and have to take more time off work decided to book the southern getaway 6 nights to Adelaide kangaroo island, Port Lincoln on the 26th Jan instead
  17. we are on the Christmas and New years cruise from Melbourne Australia to New Zealand cant wait to experience both on board
  18. Can anyone tell me the smoking areas on the Golden princess are they more strict and limit the areas if the cruise is coming out of Australia as smoking polices are very strict in this country now
  19. sorry am fully addicted to cruising possibly may wait see the Jewel off on her final voyage when she sails out to Singapore may be another ?????
  20. Hi Belmont Babe got an email yesterday from P&O cancelling our cruise out of Melbourne on 16th March 2019 to Kangaroo Island bit disappointed as it left on Friday so didn''t need to take too many days off work and it was my Birthday. they offered us one in February sails on a Monday with same room catigory and $100 each on board credit that leaves on a Monday same destinaton Hard thing is when we booked they has upgrades book an interior room get upgraded to an ocean view which we wanted to try an interior cabin booked the best one in our opion deck 10 right at the front next to the door to the obrervation deck told them didnt want an up grade called them last night cant give us same cabin on the February cruise cant decide what to do now
  21. Hi Belmont Babe yes l have already done that some times from what I hear my idea of an upgrade and the cruise lines may be different
  22. Thanks Ondine you are a wealth of knowledge I have read a few of your posts previously as well
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