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  1. Any tips for the Abyss. What is the test about for the flowrider? What do we need to do?
  2. Looking for all types of restaurant recommendations in Miami, Brickell and South Beach. Need breakfast, lunch and dinner. Will be there for 3 days before the cruise and would like something that is not a chain. Not looking for a steakhouse. Would like Cuban, seafood, etc. Thanks
  3. Not that avid of a drinker, but have the deluxe beverage package, so want to try out different types of drinks, but I can only think of a few like bloody mary, mimosa and mudslide. I saw a few months ago a link to drinks menu, but I can't seem to find it now. Does anyone have a link to the drinks menu ? Also not an avid coffee drink but would like to try out some specialty coffee, is there a menu for this as well? Thanks
  4. Where do I find out which deck to go to set up my dining option on Oasis of the Seas on embarkation day? Before we are allowed access to our rooms, how do we know what is happening where? Is there a cruise compass available somewhere on the ship. If I want to only try the meat part of an entree, is that possible? Does the balloon drop happen at midnight? Are cabins usually open at 1pm?
  5. What are the requirements for the zipline and rockwall, I remember closed toe shoes, but can't find where I saw the requirements before.
  6. Can I message someone through the RC app onboard the ship without the internet package?
  7. In one news article it stated the grandfather was going to put her on the railing so she could bang on the glass. Which railing? The one that is far from the window, or the small ledge that holds the window pane? Either way he should of had a firm grip on her, because even with the window closed, neither railing would support the girl and movements of a toddler. Most likely the little girl was looking out the window, probably to see something below and he wanted to give her a better view. Why are the parents accusing RC of lying about leaning out the window, when their lawsuit states that the window is in the children's play area, which it is not.
  8. Thank you for these tips, is there a map online of Labadee?
  9. Give me your tips for Labadee, planning on making it a beach day and have two young kids. Where is the best area to go to, want it to be low cost as well. Thanks
  10. Are the waivers for the zipline and rock wall available online on the RCI website? Can anyone direct me to where I can find it. Thanks
  11. Do you bring a travel mug for coffee etc? Do you also bring a reusable water bottle?
  12. What is the best option to have a cash account or credit account on the ship, and is it best to setup now online, or when I check in at the port?
  13. Does anyone use the Royal app and how useful is it? What do you use it for? Thanks
  14. Anywhere for the kids to stay while getting the pedicure done, so adults can swap out?
  15. If one adult and child snorkel am I able to stay close by and watch with second child? Would I be staying on a part of the beach? Want to stay close by so we can meet after they are done snorkling. Thanks
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