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  1. I got the deal and the email. The only place I see that I have this deal is in order history. Am I supposed to see the drinks package on the calendar? Anywhere else?
  2. About 5 hours later or more and it is still on the website and I was just able to book it. If it was a mistake it should have been taken down much earlier.
  3. I need help to figure out car rental and hotels. First Cruise and never been to Florida. We fly in on Thursday to Fort Lauderdale and leave for our cruise on Sunday from Miami. Our plan is to rent a car at the airport and drive down to Miami. Our plan is to visit the Seaquarium and Everglades on Friday and Saturday. Please recommend areas to stay for the Friday and Saturday in Miami and than, should we move closer to the Miami port for Saturday night? We are planning to drop off the rental car at the Miami port. Should DH drop myself and the kids off at the port and return the rental car? On our return Sunday night we will again rent the car and stay Sunday, Monday in Fort Lauderdal and fly out on Tuesday. Please give recommendations. Thanks
  4. Hi All, Can anyone tell me if cabin number 12606 on Oasis of the Seas have a slight obstructed view to one side, since it is the next cabin right after the hump. Also is cabin 12610 also less desirable since it is only a few cabins away from the hump? Does anyone have experience with a similar cabin right after the hump on another ship or a few doors down from the hump? Thanks
  5. Hi All, I booked my cruise through the RCL website last January for my cruise this coming February. I have repriced this stateroom at least 2 times now, on Oasis of the Seas. Now I get an email from RCL that they will contact me because my stateroom is not able to accomodate the number of people I have in my cabin, which is 4 people. 2 adults and 2 kids. Can anyone shed some light what this email might really be about, because I do not believe that my stateroom can not accommodate 4 people especially since it has a sofa bed.
  6. I have seen menus of the keys disembarkation menu, do you choose one of the items or can you choose many like in the MDR?
  7. Thanks all for your quick replies. One other question I had is what size are the bottles of water that you can get with the refreshement package? Are they 500ml or the smaller size that you can get on airplanes?
  8. Hi, About what price range have you seen the refreshment package go for on the cruise planner? What kind of pricing is a good deal that you have seen? Also a question about the cups that are used in the freestyle machines, do you need to wash them yourslef in your cabins sink or is there some other arrangement of where you can wash it. Do most people carry these cups around, because it would seem like a pain to do, all over the ship. Thanks
  9. Thanks for this info, I was able to save about $800 on my booking.
  10. Hi, I can see the specialty dining options in my cruise planner, but I can not see where I can book my MDR reservations since I picked MTD when I booked my cruise. Also where would I find the Key in the excursions or somewhere else? Thanks
  11. Hi, I have a little less than a year to sail on the Oasis of the Seas, when should I expect to see the Key program show up in my planner? Do I look for it in the shore excursions? Do you think it is sold out, since it is limited to 100 people? Another question if I do not have the key program and have booked the shows in advance, when do people start lining up for the shows? From some videos I have watched it seems that people line up 1 hour in advance for seats. When would I have to line up to get decent seats, and together as a family of 4. Thanks
  12. Did not know there was an ignore list. Thank you for the info.
  13. Willl be going on Oasis of the seas soon, and have a few random questions. 1)Restaurants in the Solarium are they adults only? 2) Usually how long does dinner take in the MDR? looking at past Cruise Compass I see that I would like to see the earlier shows with the kids rather than the later show, but we like to eat early, so how long doe dinner take? 3) We would like to eat around 6:00pm, should I make the reservations for my Time dining or would it be easier to just have the early dining seating at 5:30pm ( I think this is the time.) 4) If we want just the refreshment package do all adults in the same cabin need to get this package? 5)Does the arcade give you points to redeem for prizes? 6) Is the breakfast in the MDR buffet also? 7) Is it ok to watch the ice skating show, or the broadway show on the first night, or is there a chance of them also getting canceled because of rough waters? 8 ) In a past cruise compass I saw that there is a giveaway in the Art Gallery to the first 100 perople. Has anyone gotten one of these packs, what was in it? Was there a line up prior to the opeing time of 6pm?
  14. I heard on the bigger ships that you will not be as seasick as on a smaller ships/boats. I have been on a self driven motor boat on a small harbour/ part of the lake. At times the boat did rock, but me and the kids did not feel sick. Is this a good gauge of that we will not get seasick on the ship? Thanks
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