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  1. ....and BOTH people in a cabin have to purchase the same package. As hubby is tee total, this doesn't work for me either.
  2. confused dot com.....fancy dress is banned , but theme nights allow 'themed dress'. What is the difference - does anyone have a definitive answer as even P and O staff seem confused when emailed.
  3. What can and what cant you spend OBC/spending money on?
  4. Mosquitos can fly and get on board ship....I was bitten mid Mediterranean (Clipper Chick - on the Celebrity Silhouette!) ! Some countries eg Bahrain where I go for work insist on proof of Vax if you have been anywhere YF may be. Best to be safe.
  5. If you buy wine by the bottle (rather than a package), how is it managed? Can you take your half drunk bottle back to the cabin?
  6. Hiya, Just have a look here: Thank you 🙂
  7. Do you get told what these will be before you sail? If so, how long before? What sorts of themes are there? Thanks.
  8. The title of this post says it all - for those of you who have cruised with both, thoughts please.
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