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  1. Hello CruiserBruce I do not understand what you mean by Can't give the link to your Roll Call, but hopefully someone will shortly. In any event are you interested in one of the excursions? David
  2. I have been unable to book a shore excursion for Fuerte Amador, Panama and Coquimbo, Chile. They want to book groups for private tours, not add a person to a group. In Fuerte Amador, Panama there is Viator tour that takes in the Panama Canal and Panama City. It is 8 hours and costs $115.38 US if there are 9 people. If anyone is interested let me know. In Coquimbo, Chile there is a City Tour that takes in La Serena and Coquimbo. It takes 4 hours. It costs $34.00 US per person if there are 9 people. Again if anyone is interested let me know. I rented a car in Manta, Ecuador so that I can go to see the Pacha chocolate plantation and factory in Puerto Lopez. The Pacha tour is 3 1/2 hours and costs $35 US. If anyone is interested in coming let me know. David varty@smartt.com
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