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  1. I applied for a passport renewal on or about February 10th. I received my new passport on March 28th. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ This was for regular service. I also decided to get a passport card. Cost was $140 for both.
  2. I applied for a passport renewal on or about February 10th. I received my new passport on March 28th.
  3. Received refund of my $100 deposit on April 25th for a Casinos at Sea cruise scheduled to leave in September; the refund took about 20 days. Cruise Next certificates back in account soon after cancellation.
  4. Log in and look under "my account"; mine are listed in that location under "coupons and credits."
  5. I received my 2 CN certs back on April 6, a day after I cancelled my CAS cruise. I have not received the refund yet -- it was only for the deposit as the cruise is not scheduled until September 2020.
  6. I cancelled a cruise that I had booked using a land based casino certificate. Final payment not due for awhile. The agent told me I could book another cruise using the same CAS certificate; we decided not to do so. Was told that the 2 CN certificates will be returned to my account -- haven't checked to see if they have been returned yet. Was told I will receive my deposit back ($100), but no time frame was indicated.
  7. Is anyone familiar with the layout of Joy cabin #13930? Is the bed located near the balcony, or is the sofa/bed located near the balcony? TIA for any info.
  8. Based on suggestions many have made on CC, we contacted NCL because the price of our inside cabin, which included $50 OBC and the beverage package, had dropped slightly since we booked in June. Upgraded to a balcony for $232 and kept the two perks. Also received an additional $100 OBC, 100 minute internet pkg., specialty dining pkg., and $50 shore excursion credit. We were glad we called. We have learned so much from this website. Thanks fellow cruisers for your suggestions.
  9. We plan to do this cruise next year -- looking forward to your review. 😎
  10. This is a great review! Thanks for taking the time to do this. This itinerary will be next on our bucket list.
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