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    Please be a bit more careful in Mexico

    Apparently other people agree with your thinking halos. After an all-time record 22.7 million visitors to Mexico in 2011, tourism arrivals are up another 5.3% so far this year.
  2. gottago2mexico

    Costa Maya Safe?

    Folks seem to be doing just that. After an all-time record 22.7 million visitors to Mexico in 2011, tourist arrivals are up another 5.3% this year.
  3. gottago2mexico

    Non Captive Dolphins?

    [quote name='amocksun']Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knew of a place to watch dolphins that are non-captive, either near Nassau or Freeport?[/quote] If they're non-captive then you only have a shot in the dark at seeing them - the ocean is a big place. They're out there, but it's not like sea lions that hang out by the docks, they are swimming way out in the ocean. You have a chance to see them on a boat trip, particularly a deep sea fishing trip when you go further out.
  4. gottago2mexico

    Freeport Dolphin Swim or Encounter??

    Although I don't agree there is any advantage to booking with your ship instead of privately (generally there are several disadvantages), in this particular case, you would need to book with your ship as UNEXSO is under contract with the cruise ship. They have entered into an exclusive price-fixing agreement with Carnival to ensure that cruise passengers are forced to pay the much higher-than-normal prices that the ship charges. They will not allow you to book direct if they know you are on a cruise ship, and will direct you back to book with Carnival at the higher cruise ship price.
  5. gottago2mexico

    Anyone recently (in 2011) rented a car at port in Freeport?

    I have never rented from them, so can't tell you about their charging policies. All car rental places will try to get you to buy optional insurance - it is available no matter who you rent through. Your bank may or may not charge you for an international transaction - depends on your credit card issuer, you'd have to ask them. Anyone who travels much typically carries a card from a bank that doesn't charge foreign transaction fees, but if you don't travel much then you probably never really thought to check.
  6. gottago2mexico

    Anyone recently (in 2011) rented a car at port in Freeport?

    No, water is fine.
  7. gottago2mexico

    Best time of year for Bahamas

    April is a great time of year in the Bahamas. August thru October can be humid and cloudy, but of course if you're from a hot and humid place, being on the water in the Bahamas would be a nice escape. November is also usually ideal.
  8. gottago2mexico

    Shopping near Junkanoo - Freeport?

    Because Junkanoo Beach Club offers free transportation for on-island guests, not for cruise passengers. I suppose that is because they don't have to go very far for most on-island guests, and that they sell beach breaks through the cruise ship. Port Lucaya is a place you can go shopping, eat lunch, have a drink and listen to some softer type of live music. Junkanoo Beach Club is a beach club, with lounge chairs, loud music, swimming, food and watersports. Totally different environment, just depends what you are seeking.
  9. gottago2mexico

    water temperatures in January 15, 2012

    75°F. Very snorkelable. Just jump in (don't tiptoe) and you'll be used to the water in a few seconds. It will be at least 30 minutes before you get chilly. Wetsuit of course always helps, but not necessary for snorkeling.
  10. gottago2mexico

    First time to Freeport at end of December

    Doing an excursion is a great way to spend a day in Freeport.
  11. gottago2mexico

    Shopping near Junkanoo - Freeport?

    Port Lucaya is about a 5 minute taxi ride - I believe they'll shuttle you there for free from Junkanoo, or you can take the shuttle to Port Lucaya and have them pick you up there and take you to Junkanoo (just don't say you're cruise passengers).
  12. gottago2mexico

    Bus to Our Lucaya beach in Freeport

    [quote name='meliss35']Is there a bus that goes from cruise pier to Our Lucaya beach in Freeport? I know there is a jitney for $5/person to this beach but for a family of four it will cost $40 just to get to the beach roundtrip.[/quote] No bus, just the jitneys you mention, and private taxis. You can walk all the way out to the highway and catch the bus, but it's infrequent and irregular, I wouldn't recommend it for cruise stop.
  13. gottago2mexico

    Not Many Choices for Freeport??

    [quote name='gilby']Can you get off the ship and taxi to Lucaya? I am wondering if they have parasailing?[/quote] Yes, there are shuttles for $5 per person all lined up to take you there. Yes, there is parasailing.
  14. gottago2mexico

    Junkanoo Beach - Freeport

    Lots of posts on this - try the search function at the top of the page if you don't get enough replies.
  15. gottago2mexico

    Stay on the ship or get off???

    I never understood why anyone would want to stay on the ship while at port. You're on the ship all night, and part of the day and often a full day or two at sea...cruises are an easy and inexpensive way to experience a different country, a different culture. As with any travel, it's important to do your homework so you know what to do in each port, and have any excursions pre-booked so you don't have to waste your port time wandering aimlessly with the masses. You notice the difference in posts on these forums from those who plan and those who don't. The experiences are a world apart.