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  1. We are going to use our FCC for our canceled Indy cruise next month on a November cruise on Oasis. We have never been on an Oasis class ship and are wondering what is a good deck for an owners suite. Any thoughts are appreciated!
  2. Our group that is going on Indy next month all have expedited arrival. We all took our pictures and scanned our passports. What is different at the pier? Do will still go to the desk to check in after security since sea pass cards are on the ship now? Just wondering what to expect! Thanks!
  3. Our group for an upcoming cruise is a mix of junior suites and owner suites on Indy. Depending when we get to the port can the people in the junior suites sit in the suite area in terminal 18? Any info is appreciated!
  4. Did you specifically request Cabana #6 when you received the email from the concierge? I want to try and get #5 and #6 for my upcoming April cruise. Thanks!
  5. I've been looking at cruises on Freedom for January and February of 2021. There are 8 cruises during that time period and there is not one owners suite showing up on any of them. Is this some weird website thing or does anyone know if something is going on? I can't believe there isn't one cabin available in 8 cruises over a year away. So strange!
  6. Bob- Did you request these two cabanas when the concierge emailed precruise? We have an owners suite on Indy in April and would like to get 5 and 6. Thanks! Ted
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