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  1. So there is still a TON of construction on the island for the new area. (Doesn't impact the beauty of the stay, though.) I have no idea how it will be open by May, but they were actually working on a Sunday, so there's definite a push. The new area will be amazing. And will have over the water cabanas with a slide right into the ocean. No idea how much that will cost, but I think I'll say definitely count me in! 🙂
  2. I believe the day beds have the regular big lunch buffet on the island.
  3. We just got back from Coco Cay. We had the cabanas and it was AMAZING! Some thoughts/tips. 1. We did not have a suite but were able to book online. We did so VERY early though. And keep an eye on prices, sales pop up and you can adjust prices alny cancelling and rebooking. They did overbook cabanas for our day, so be sure to check your paperwork as soon as you get to your room, and go to shore excursion desk. We we're early enough that not only did we get a cabana, we got an ocean front. 2. Cabanas are close to the front, but you get a golf cart that takes you to your area. 3. You have your own private deluxe buffet and small bar right in the cabana area. Outstanding! Seafood kabobs and fruit and chocolate fondue. 4. Max of 6 people. I'm not sure if you can more for extra people or not. 5. Cabanas have a private beach that is beautiful and calm. Would be perfect for kids. 6. It rained in the morning the day we were there. Everyone in our group with bungalows cancelled. Said everything was soaking wet. The cabanas have more solid sides. Things were barely damp. And our gear stayed dry while we were out snorkeling during the rain. 7. Bathrooms are a very close walk. I wouldn't be worried, even with kids. 8. Each cabana comes with 2 sets of snorkeling gear. They drive you over to the snorkeling are, which is AMAZING. I've never swam that far out from the shore when snorkeling. They have lifeguards out there and platforms if you need to rest. They have a shipwreck, plane wreck and cannons. Lots of wildlife. We saw a sea turtle, sting rays, a baracuda, and tons of other fish. I can't stress how much fun we had. We snorkeled for 2 hours straight. 9. Cabanas also come with 2 ocean mats. Water was cold so after snorkeling we didn't go back in but if it was warmer, it would have been perfect to float. 10. The cabana had a couch in the shelter, a wooden deck with 2 cushioned beach chairs, and 4 regular beach chairs in front of the cabana. The cabanas and Coco Cay were the highlight. Book early and don't hesitate. I always worry when I have high expectations. But they did not disappoint. On a day when most people stayed on the ship due to a couple of hours of rain and cooler weather, we had the time of our lives. The photo of the island shows the cabanas to the left of the main beach area. Very easy walk from the tenders, but why walk when you can be driven! 😁
  4. I'm heading on Enchantment of the Seas. Right now we have the VIP Blue Lagoon Island Beach Day reserved. But now I'm trying to decide between that and the VIP Balmoral Beach day. Any suggestions on which is better? I'm getting nervous because I've seen some recent poor reviews of the VIP Blue Lagoon day. I want to be able to relax but still enjoy the water. We have our own snorkel gear and would like to snorkel on our while there.
  5. I agree about the no noise. We had a cabin directly across from the laundry room. It was lovely, actually. Only one day in 2 weeks was there any noise and that was just people standing in hallway. I could check if a machine was open and keep an eye on my laundry without having to stand there the entire time. And we quickly learned the busiest times and avoided those. It worked out well for us!
  6. Is there laundry detergent provided in the guest laundry rooms? I'm bringing our own but wondering about alternatives if I underestimate?
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