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  1. You do know that getting the vaccine doesn't prevent you or others from getting Covid, it supposedly only stops you from have a severe case
  2. Not everyone will have a balcony many more have inside cabins
  3. The vaccine doesn't prevent you from getting covid, only suppose to not give it to you as sever. So if you think you are immune from it you are sadly mistaken
  4. I agree, I sleep all night with a C-Pap mask on I'm sure as hell not going to wear one all day too.
  5. I just made a reservation for 8 people and was no problem when it comes time to pay we all gave our own SS cards but the reservation was in my name
  6. I booked my British Isles cruise with early saver then found a casino offer and I was given the lower price
  7. I got a great offer $200 total for two, 9 nights journey cruise and $400 OBC out of NYC up until sometime this Sept. Was so tempted to do this but have a British Isles cruise book for Aug 2021 and don't want to spend anymore money then I have too
  8. We were on the Magic a couple of weeks ago and the water was terrible I wouldn't drink it and a lot of other people complained about the taste also. I don't remember it ever being that bad before
  9. I booked an early saver a couple months ago for a British Isles cruise then was checking prices and found a good casino offer and I had no problem getting the price reduction and cash in the casino
  10. I'm worried because I have a very bad dry cough but it is due to a side affect from my blood pressure medication
  11. Did Carnival raise the price of the chat feature on the Hub app from $5 to $9.
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