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  1. Thank you notamermaid. I did briefly go into the website that you noted. I did not find any specific info on all Illumination Cruises but their website did give links to 3 companies offering private tours during the day and night so I guess the gov't has lifted their ban on the Illumination Cruises. From what I understand Ama is no longer offering their Illumination Cruise so we will have to look into a private tour if we want to see the lights from the water. Thank you for your help GrammaRama
  2. I did a search looking for information on Illumination cruises in Budapest and found this article posted in July 2019. Does anyone have any additional information. We are sailing on the AmaLea in May and were very disappointed to hear that the Illumination Cruise was no longer being offered. We were told that it was a regulation initiated by the Budapest gov't after the terrible accident with Viking and an independent operator. Are there any private independent operators that might be offering this? Any information would be helpful GrammaRama
  3. Does anyone know whether the Southern Gardens underneath the Castle in Prague are still closed for renovations. We will be there in May and hoping to get to see them. Many Thanks GrammaRama
  4. I guess my name GrammaRama explains why the question was raised. FB and Book of Face is not part of my vocabulary and I intend to keep it that way. Thanks for the explanation.
  5. Could you please clarify what "Book of Face" is. I have never come across that expression in any of my research. Thx GrammaRama
  6. Thanks Pompein for the information Can you remember what the very reasonable prices were? I am assuming you sent pants and tops to the laundry as opposed to socks and underwear. GrammaRama
  7. We will be travelling on the AmaLea in May and I am wondering if the ship offers laundry service. for a fee. If so, does anyone know if this is offered per item or is it per bag or otherwise? With airline baggage fees being what they are, I was just wondering if laundry service is available at a reasonable price, whether we would consider this option. Thanks for any info that you can share GrammaRama
  8. We have just made our final payment on our Ama Waterways Melodies of the Danube River Cruise in May 2020 and have completed our on-line check in. I thought I had read on CC that once the check-in had been completed that we would be able to access details on the excursions being offered by Ama during the cruise. I would just like to have a more comprehensive outline of what are choices will be. I also read that you can decide which excursions you want to go on while on board. Just thought it would be interesting to get the information ahead of time so you can do some research prior to boa
  9. Thank you for responding to this query. It appears that we will not have to worry about this for our trip in May.
  10. My husband and I are booked on AmaLea for May 2020. I have been trying to research whether the Schengen Visa will impact us while abroad. We are both Canadians eh! and it appears that we Canadians do not have to get the Visa while travelling under a Canadian passport. We will be leaving Toronto, Canada and arriving Munich where we transfer to our flight to Budapest and our return trip will be via Prague to Munich and then transferring for our flight back to Toronto. After the stay in Budapest we will sail on the AmaLea (Melodies of the Danube) and make our way to Prague. Can anyone confirm
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