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  1. Oh wow :( welp... I rescind my statement.
  2. PrettyPenny7

    Question about carry on luggage

    Yes. It's what I always use when traveling solo :)
  3. PrettyPenny7

    Is FTTF worth the money?

    It's nice to be able to board early, and not have to lug your bags around. Experience will vary by ship. Got FTTF on my 1st Victory cruise last October, and yes getting to the food before there were huge lines was nice. Luggage delivery was an absolute fail on that particular voyage, however; my sister and I had to go hunting for the cart that had our luggage AFTER the muster, AFTER we ate dinner!:rolleyes: Many people were fed up and were out there trying to get their luggage. A snafu happened somewhere, who knows.... Most recent cruise was a weekend on the Imagination this February. I didn't get FTTF for this one. I could fit everything into my carry-on rolling luggage, and as luck would also have it, there were not a lot of Diamond or Platinum cruisers on this trip, so I just boarded right after the other FTTF people and still didn't wait in line for food. And as soon as my room was ready, I just walked there with my stuff. I am doing a B2B this October on the Victory; I might get FTTF for the 1st leg of the trip since my family did. I will be solo on the 2nd leg, and probably won't mind waiting to re-board the ship.
  4. PrettyPenny7


    Sorry, I re-read the question. Ignore me lol
  5. PrettyPenny7

    Best things to do as a solo cruiser

    If you hang out in the casino or in Serenity, you might easily meet a few people. I am not much of a gambler, but I love Serenity and my last cruise I met a lot of other solos just hanging out in the jacuzzi.:)
  6. PrettyPenny7

    How we made the most of Cheers on Carnival Splendor

    I know... it's a 4-day cruise :)
  7. PrettyPenny7

    How we made the most of Cheers on Carnival Splendor

    Buying the package during the cruise, instead of beforehand... so paying a little less since I will only use for the last night or last 2 nights.
  8. PrettyPenny7

    What is the first food you look forward to?

    Thank you, kindred spirit! ;) And yes, those shrimp tacos were AMAZING. Wish I had been smart enough to try them when I 1st boarded my last cruise... didn't try them until lunch the next day:(
  9. PrettyPenny7

    How we made the most of Cheers on Carnival Splendor

    In my case, I am doing a B2B in October and would rather not leave the port in search of a bottle of wine to bring on the next cruise. So I am considering doing the CHEERS! package for part of the 1st cruise, drinking, buying the wine and taking it off the ship with me.... to take on the next ship later that day. Not set in stone though... I could still utilize this plan without the CHEERS! package :D
  10. PrettyPenny7

    Anyone tried to bring a DVR on vista?

    I mean... what SHOULD one be doing on a cruise, in order to justify the cost? Is laying in the sun drinking margaritas all day not a reasonable choice on a cruise, simply because I can do that at home on my deck on a Saturday? :rolleyes:
  11. PrettyPenny7

    How we made the most of Cheers on Carnival Splendor

    I never would've thought to bother with a CHEERS! package before today... look at all this great info! I assumed the steakhouse bar was only for the patrons dining there... I am absolutely gonna post up in there in October! :')
  12. PrettyPenny7

    What is the first food you look forward to?

    I live in Indiana so I am always looking forward to fresh seafood! ;pI am that greedy person who gets 2 apps and 2 entrees. I don't need dessert, I need clams, shrimp, crab, octopus, ceviche... ;p
  13. Absolutely... just like we ALL only consume liquor we paid for on the ship :evilsmile:
  14. PrettyPenny7

    So let me get this straight (Another CHEERS! question)

    I knew by this response, you were a person I would enjoy being friends with :')
  15. PrettyPenny7

    How many days until your next Carnival Cruise?

    221, and 225 :-D