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    Usually you can book online about 1 month in advance
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    Breakaway first timer

    Omg, first off my not liking the cruise solely because of the watch incident is false. It IS part of it. Listen....dude, it is not normal. These are luxury liners, not canoes. They have onboard dampers supposedly to prevent this amount of vibration. Plus according to the Cafe stewards, the vibration was ongoing all the time. Thanks for the input
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    Breakaway first timer

    I have never felt any vibrations on Oasis, Allure, Independance and Quantum. Our rooms were very well taken care of, no problem. However would it hurt to smile from time to time or even to say hello. As for the watch you are totally right, i should have checked the price, my fault there I totally agree. But since the watch WAS sold on the ship well I have to consider this part of my cruise experience. NCL just has to make sure that all sales are legit. Thanks for your input.
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    Breakaway first timer

    Been a RC cruiser for many years, tried NCL for the first time...never again. Went on the Breakaway from Manhattan for a 7 day Bahamas cruise. First off, the continous vibration at the Garden Cafe. The utensils were shaking on the table plus when you were sitting it was like siting on a vibrator seat, it was ridiculous! I asked the the attendants if this was normal, they said that sometimes it is worse!! We never saw our room attendant, except on the first day. Whenever we passed the other attendants going to our room, they never smiled, not an hello, nothing. We had to re-register our entertainment package. And bought a watch on a supposedly sale. Found out through Amazon, we paid 30$ more than we should have AND the watch has a defect!! Nope, its back to Royal Carribean for us:mad: